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We're solving EDI

At Stedi, we’re rebuilding the technological backbone of the B2B economy. Trillions of dollars flow annually through a global commerce network via an archaic framework called EDI, but there hasn’t been a major new EDI platform in decades. EDI is hard, and we know what makes it hard.

We make software for developers to help them build modern EDI systems. Our goal is to make software so great that all the world’s business transactions run on our rails – and users won’t know or care because it works exactly as expected.

We have lightning in a bottle: 30+ engineers and designers working across 12 countries, shipping products day in and day out; a lean business team to support the company’s infrastructure; passion for eliminating toil and automating what we can; a rigorous culture of written decisions; $71 million in funding from investors like Stripe, Addition, USV, and First Round Capital.

The team you'll join

We are building a different type of customer-facing team at Stedi – we call it Customer Operations. Our singular goal is to grow the adoption of Stedi’s products. We accomplish this by relentlessly focusing on customer enablement, responsiveness, and quality of interactions and deliverables. We build trust with our customers by being experts in our product and market and becoming proficient in our customers’ businesses.

Our focus is on operations because the bottleneck in EDI is always time to onboard, not our sales pipeline. Increasing velocity in EDI onboarding is the key to our customer’s success. That is why we are looking for an operationally-minded individual to help our customers onboard more trading partners, grow their businesses, and utilize more of Stedi.

What we believe

  • We can build a high-performing go-to-market function without quotas
  • In the developer tools space, the concepts of “sales,” “support,” and implementation converge
  • Providing customers with direct access to our software engineers - what we call Customer Engineering - is key to helping customers solve complex integration problems
  • General business acumen and specific EDI knowledge are how to earn trust with customers

What you'll do

  • Collaborate with customers. You’ll fully scope EDI implementation plans across many customers in parallel; execute the plan with each customer from zero to production. Our customers are typically software developers and integrations specialists at B2B software companies.
  • Scale customer communications. Create standardized communication channels with customers (e.g. Slack, email support, community) and ensure customer resources are allocated to the project.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally. You’ll collaborate with Stedi’s Customer Engineering team as necessary to increase the velocity and quality of customer outcomes.
  • Automate the process. Constantly eliminate your day-to-day responsibilities; standardize common patterns and best practices to make the next implementation faster.

Who you are

  • You can “speak the language” of software engineering. You understand developer-focused software products; developers are your customers.
  • You are a problem solver. You can quickly work backward from a customer’s business and understand how it maps to the problem at hand.
  • You are a strategic project manager. You can rapidly put a project plan together and drive it to completion, despite any surprises that may arise.
  • You are hyper-responsive. You can pay thoughtful attention to many customer threads simultaneously.
  • You are high-bandwidth. You can multi-task without dropping things and believe that no task is beneath you.
  • You are an operator. You are always thinking of ways to eliminate your responsibilities by transforming your operational knowledge into self-service tools for Stedi and our customers.
At Stedi, we're looking for people who are deeply curious and aligned to our ways of working. You're encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't perfectly match the job description. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of any status protected under federal, state, or local law.
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