ChangelogFebruary 11, 2022

Converter is Generally Available

Converter is an API that allows developers to convert various formats like CSV and XML to JSON, providing a hassle-free way to manage these conversions. Converter has a transparent, pay-per-use pricing model with a generous free tier. There are no minimum fees, monthly commitments, or upfront costs to use this product.

In the example below, the Converter API uses the headers in the CSV as keys in the JSON. The result is a list with an object for each row, where the object has a field for each column. So, if you have a CSV like this…


…the resulting JSON will look like this:

   "output": [
           "type": "invoice",
           "invoiceNumber": "INV20023",
           "poNumber": 30278099,
           "amt": 100.5
           "type": "invoice",
           "invoiceNumber": "INV20024",
           "poNumber": 30288899,
           "amt": 50.99

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