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ChangelogNovember 19, 2021

JEDI 2.0-beta

We released the second major revision of the JEDI format as a beta this week. This gives us some major readability gains over the original JEDI format, including:

  • We present the names of segments in addition to their IDs, so you have some context as to what each segment is representing
  • Similarly, we have added element descriptions along with their position in the segment
  • We also have updated how code values are provided/returned, with the codes being expanded to their representative text. We call out structural pieces of the document as well - loops are identified by the first segment of the loop (where jedi@1.0 sometimes had reference names that were just a numerical string), and each loop is designated with a _loop suffix.
  • We've added a couple of convenience attributes to the documents, so now you have an easier property on which to identify release and transaction set for a given document (at interchanges.*.release and interchanges.*.groups.*.transaction_set)
  • By default, we are trimming ISA header whitespace, but by supplying the clean_envelope_whitespace: false flag, this can be disabled. This differs from JEDi@1.0 which has this feature off by default. We're also still in beta, so we may make further tweaks and adjustments as time goes on, based on customer input and how people are using the documents. Please send us your feedback!

Compressed Response

Translating EDI to JEDI2.0 results in a much larger payload than the original request (and larger than the existing JEDI1.0 format). Now we compress all responses (larger than 5.5 kb) from the API. This compression is transparent to the customer as most http request clients and all browsers will decompress the response for them.