This functionality is available on Cloud and Enterprise plans.

For advanced use cases that other connection types can’t cover, Stedi offers bucket connections.

We recommend using other connection types when possible. If you think your use case requires a bucket connection, reach out to support for help setting it up.

To create a bucket connection:

  1. Select Bucket as the Connection Type.
  2. Enter a descriptive Connection name.
  3. Select a root path. This is the directory in which the inbound and outbound transaction directories will be created. Stedi will automatically suggest a root path based on the partnership ID. You can change this if needed.
  4. Choose an inbound directory name that identifies where inbound files should be retrieved for processing.
  5. Choose an outbound directory name that identifies where outbound files should be placed when created.
  6. Click the Create connection to save the connection. You can now associate this connection with one or more transaction settings.