This functionality is available on all plans.

You can use Connections to exchange EDI files with trading partners via SFTP, FTPS, FTP, or AS2.


Before adding a connection, you need to set up a partnership.

Create a connection

To create a connection:

  1. Go to the Trading partners page.
  2. Click the partnership where you want to add the connection.
  3. Click Create connection.
  4. Select the desired Connection type.

Connection types

The available connection types are Stedi SFTP/FTPS, Remote SFTP/FTPS, and AS2. The connection type you choose depends on your and your trading partner’s requirements.

Inbound file encoding

By default, Stedi generates EDI files with UTF-8 encoding and assumes UTF-8 encoding for inbound files.

However, some trading partners may send files containing extended Latin characters, such as ä, é or ñ. Files with Latin characters may be encoded in an extended ASCII encoding, such as Windows-1252. In these cases, you should specify the appropriate file encoding to ensure Stedi interprets the data correctly.

To set the file encoding for inbound EDI files, click a connection to go to its details page. In Inbound settings choose a File encoding format. Stedi supports UTF-8 and Windows-1252.

UTF-8 is backward compatible with ASCII-encoded files and suitable for most cases. We recommend leaving this setting as the default unless your trading partner tells you otherwise.

Next steps

After you create a connection, we recommend creating transaction settings that define the EDI transactions you plan to exchange with your trading partner.

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