This functionality is available on all plans.

Stedi creates and hosts a fully-managed server that supports both SFTP and FTPS protocols, along with user credentials you can provide to your trading partner. Your trading partner can use their credentials to connect to the server through either SFTP (using port 22), or FTPS (using port 21).

Once you configure the connection, Stedi automatically ingests and processes any files that your trading partner adds to the server and automatically places outbound EDI files on the server for your trading partner to retrieve.

This is the easiest way to get started exchanging EDI files with the least amount of configuration. However, your trading partner may require you to use their server instead, especially if they are the larger party.

The Stedi SFTP/FTPS connection type supports only username and password authentication. If your trading partner requires key-based authentication, you can use a Remote SFTP/FTPS connection instead.

Create SFTP/FTPS connections

To create a Stedi SFTP/FTPS connection:

  1. Select SFTP/FTPS as the Connection type.
  2. Enter a Connection name.
  3. If required, provide a specific length for the autogenerated password.
  4. Specify an Inbound directory. This is the directory that your trading partner will use to send files to you. Any file placed in this directory will be automatically ingested and processed. The default directory is /inbound but you can specify a different directory if needed.
  5. Specify an Outbound directory. This is the directory that your trading partner will use to retrieve files from you. Outbound EDI files will be automatically deposited in this directory. The default directory is /outbound but you can specify a different directory if needed.
  6. By default, Delete inbound files on receipt is selected. Typically, partners want you to delete files after processing. If you want to keep the files, deselect this option.
  7. Click Create connection. Stedi shows the login credentials for the created user.

Important: The login credentials will only be displayed once and cannot be retrieved again for security reasons. We recommend immediately saving the login credentials in a secure location such as a password manager. If needed, you can always regenerate new credentials.

You can now associate this connection with one or more transaction settings and use it to exchange files with your trading partner.

Regenerate credentials

To generate new login credentials:

  1. Navigate to the Trading partners page.
  2. Click the partnership that contains the connection whose credentials you want to regenerate.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Under the Username field, click Regenerate credentials.

Static IPs

Some partners will need to know Stedi SFTP/FTPS’s IP addresses in order to allow internal systems to establish a connection. Stedi SFTP/FTPS uses the following IPs: and

These IPs apply only to Stedi-hosted SFTP/FTPS. You can enable different static IPs for Remote SFTP/FTPS in Global Settings.

Status and details

You can find details about each Stedi SFTP/FTPS connection on its overview page. To view the overview page, navigate to the partnership and click the connection’s name.