This functionality is available on all plans.

Stedi Guides define EDI requirements between you and your trading partners.

Unlike traditional PDF implementation guides, a Stedi guide captures EDI requirements in a machine-readable format that can be shared as an interactive web page. The embedded EDI Inspector lets you instantly validate test files against the guide’s specifications in your web browser.

Parse and generate EDI

Part of configuring an EDI integration on Stedi involves defining the transaction sets you will exchange with each trading partner. This process involves assigning machine-readable Stedi guides to validate inbound and outbound data.

Stedi has thousands of pre-built guides available in the Stedi Network catalog. Once you find your partner’s guides, click Import guide into your account to add a copy to your Stedi account. Then, you can add the guide to any partnership’s transaction settings.

If you can’t find your partner or guide listed in the network, you can submit a request and we’ll build it for you for free within 1-2 business days using our best practices. If you’re an EDI expert with experience building EDI guides already, you can create a guide yourself using the self-service guide builder.

Onboard trading partners

You can make any guide public, which creates a publicly-resolvable URL that you can share with trading partners or add to your website.

The traditional EDI validation process can take a long time. Typically, partners send a test file for review, wait for an email describing any errors, fix the errors, and then repeat this cycle. Instead, partners can use each Stedi guide’s built-in validation to immediately identify and fix multiple errors, reducing the amount of back-and-forth required for onboarding.

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Transform data

As part of your EDI processing pipeline, you need to transform Stedi transactions to and from a format that your system can understand.

Stedi translates inbound EDI files to Guide JSON, a JSON format that reflects the structure of the original EDI transaction. To generate outbound EDI files, you must submit Guide JSON to Stedi’s Generate API.

Guides are integrated into Stedi Mappings, a visual interface for building JSON-to-JSON transformations. You can use a guide as the source or target of any mapping. Visit create mappings from guides for details.