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Public Guides

Only members of your Stedi account can use private guides, and you cannot export private guides as PDF files.

When you make guides public, your trading partners can view them as interactive web pages and validate EDI documents against the guide instantly in their web browsers. Visit the EDI Guide Catalog for examples.

When a guide is public, anyone with the link can:

  • View the guide web page.
  • Export the guide as PDF.
  • Troubleshoot EDI using the EDI Inspector.
Public Guides pricing: Every month, your Stedi account is charged for each public guide. Visit Guides pricing for details.

Make a guide public

To make a guide public, click the ellipses (...) next to the guide and select Make public. You can revert a public guide back to private at any time.

Share public guide URL

After the guide is public, you can send its public URL to your trading partners and link to your guides from your own website. To copy a public guide's URL:

  • Click the public guide to open it in the guide builder.
  • Click Actions.
  • Click the icon next to View public guide to copy the guide's public URL.

Published guide settings

You can use Published guide settings to customize the appearance of your public guides. These settings apply to all published guides.

To change your published guide settings:

  1. On the guides overview page, click Published guide settings.
  2. You can adjust the following settings:
    • Logo: If not specified, the guide displays your Stedi account name.
    • Company display name: If not specified, the guide displays your Stedi account name.
    • URL slug: If not specified, the slug is a hyphenated version of your account name.
    • (Optional) Include link: If set to ON, you can add a custom link to the top of each public guide. For example, you may want to link to a particular page of your company's website.
    • If you include a link, specify the Link Label, which is the button text for your custom link and the Link url.
Make a guide publicShare public guide URLPublished guide settings


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