This functionality is available on all plans.

When Stedi encounters EDI processing failures, it displays them in the File Executions tab and emits a file.failed.v2 event.

Inbound EDI

When Stedi ingests EDI, it must first match the data to a partnership and then validate the incoming EDI according to the partnership configuration. Failures may occur when the file does not contain sufficient heading data to match transactions to an existing partnership or when the incoming file contains invalid EDI.

Core only marks an incoming file as successfully processed when all the individual transaction sets within the file are valid against either the guide or the base X12 specification. If one transaction set is invalid, Stedi flags the entire file as failed.

Other processing failures may occur occasionally, most commonly for missing configuration or misconfigured data. Failure causes include:

  • Stedi cannot find a profile record matching the ISA headers.
  • Stedi cannot find a partnership record defined for the two profiles detected.
  • Stedi received a corrupt or unparseable file.

Outbound EDI

The Generate API uses a Stedi guide and other partnership settings to generate valid EDI with the proper envelope and control numbers. Failures may occur when tries to deliver the file to a configured connection.

After generating EDI, the file is marked as successfully processed after delivery to all configured connections. Stedi does not display transactions from within files that have failed delivery.

Stedi attempts to deliver a file to all configured connections up to three times before marking the file execution as FAILED. Each delivery attempt is displayed on the File Executions, including failure details, in the UI and emits the file.failed.v2 event after the third attempt.

Manual retries

You can manually retry failed files on the File Executions page. To retry files, click Retry.

Diagnosing failures

Stedi displays all of the events associated with each file execution and transaction in the dashboard. You can use this information to quickly debug issues and understand how your data flows through Stedi. Visit Monitor transaction data for details.