How Stedi works

Build end-to-end EDI integrations on Stedi fast, without being an EDI expert.

Configure Core

Building on Stedi starts with configuring Stedi Core.

User interface depicting EDI transaction setting

Define partner relationships

Core allows you to define partnerships between you and each trading partner. Partnerships define which transaction types you'll exchange and how Core should validate, read, and write files.

Core can validate and parse EDI using:

  • The base X12 specification, with zero setup required.
  • A Stedi Guide, which contains machine-readable EDI requirements. Our public EDI Guide Catalog has guides for popular trading partners. Import any public guide into your Stedi account for free and use it for your integration.

Core also uses guides to generate EDI according to your partner's requirements, including envelopes and control numbers.

Set up partner file exchange

Stedi supports several file connection options.

  • Stedi SFTP: Stedi-hosted SFTP/FTPS connectivity
  • Stedi AS2: Exchange files using the AS2 protocol
  • Trading partners' existing SFTP/FTPS/FTP servers

Create connections with the UI or API, then share the connectivity information with your trading partners.

Diagram explaining partner file exchange flow

Complete your integration

Connect Stedi to your internal or third-party systems. 


Run custom logic

Stedi Functions run custom code, allowing you to react to Core processing events, integrate Stedi with external systems, and define functionality to fulfill any requirement. For example, you may want to write incoming X12 810 Invoices to your ERP system or route errors to Slack.

Start with configurable function templates for common tasks, or write your own functions for unique use cases.

Example function code

Extend functions with:


Transform data

Build a mapping definition quickly in the UI and then use the API to transform JSON data into and out of the shape you need for internal systems and ERPs.

Mappings docs


Unlimited file storage

Store any type of data, including EDI documents, on Stedi. All data you store is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Buckets docs


Scalable key/value storage

Stash is a key-value store. You can use Stash to configure where you want to send data and even manage data feeds, like inventory or price catalogs. 

Stash docs

A real-world example

Receiving an X12 850 Purchase Order ->

Diagram of an inbound 850 Purchase Order
Diagram of an inbound 850 Purchase Order
Diagram of an inbound 850 Purchase Order
Diagram of an inbound 850 Purchase Order
  1. Your trading partner sends you an 850 via SFTP.
    Stedi Connections allow you to receive files through AS2, SFTP hosted on Stedi, or your partner’s SFTP server.
  2. Core translates the 850 to JSON.
    When the 850 file arrives, Core immediately begins processing.
    • First, Core uses information from the file header and envelope to locate the right partnership configuration.
    • Then, Core validates the file and translates the EDI to JSON, according to settings in the partnership.
    • Finally, Core displays both the raw file and the translated JSON in the UI for inspection.
  3. A function sends the processed 850 to your API.
    Core emits a `transaction.processed` event that invokes a function.
    • First, the function uses Stedi Mappings to transform the data into the shape you need for your API.
    • Then, the function makes a HTTP request to send the 850 to your system.


Start building

Contact our customer engineering team for a customized onboarding plan that includes hands-on support designing, building, and testing your first integration.

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Build EDI integrations fast, without being an EDI expert

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