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Exchange data with AS2

Integrate with businesses that require you to share data using AS2, or offer AS2 as a connectivity option to your own trading partners. Using Stedi AS2, you can securely and reliably exchange B2B data, including EDI files, with your trading partners within minutes.


Unlimited partners

Provision AS2 profiles for any number of trading partners. Configure certificates for signing and encryption and other settings to suit each partner relationship.

Wide reach

AS2 is a de facto standard across a wide range of suppliers and partners. Exchange data and do business with any of these organizations within minutes.

Scalable storage

Backed by a secure and infinitely scalable data store. Upload and download as much data as you need. Set data retention policies that work for your business.

Stedi Buckets

HIPAA compliant

AS2 meets the HIPAA requirements to transmit PHI data over the internet.

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Introducing serverless SFTP and infinitely-scalable data storage

Building an EDI system or B2B integration requires a secure, scalable way to exchange files with trading partners. With Stedi SFTP, developers can provision users and begin transferring files in seconds.

Kasia Fojucik
Kasia Fojucik
Growth Operations
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Access data uploaded to an SFTP endpoint, read/write documents and build powerful integrations based on document events.

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