Converting file formats as part of your own data pipeline

It shouldn’t matter if the data you receive is in CSV, XML, or JSON format. Converter converts CSV and XML into JSON, and JSON into CSV, allowing you to work with the file format that’s most convenient for you. It’s all API based, so it’s easy to automate and make it part of your own pipeline.

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Data in a format that works for you

The data you work with is much more important than the format it’s in. Converter frees you from worrying about the format and allows you to focus on the data. All it takes is an HTTP request, so you don’t have to buy into some complicated solution to do a straightforward task.

Configurable converters

Converter handles common CSV, XML, and JSON files with no fuss, but if you have data that's a bit uncommon, you'll only have to provide a few settings to make Converter do what you need.

No setup

There's no need to worry about installing parsers and getting them to work with your existing system; a simple HTTP request will do the job.

Helpful troubleshooting

Every error contains a machine-readable code and a human-readable message with guidance on how to fix the issue.

Gateway to other products

Most of Stedi’s products work with JSON, which doesn’t help you if you receive a CSV file. However, you can use Converter to turn it into JSON, use Mappings to turn it into JEDI, and use EDI Core to turn it into EDI.

Integrates with your tech stack

It doesn't matter what technology you use: as long as you can send HTTP requests, you can automatically convert your data using Converter.

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100% pay-per-use

No upfront fees, no monthly commitments, no user licenses; you only pay for the data that you map. We also have a generous free tier to try it out first.


Seamless integration with your EDI workflow

Stedi’s APIs can be chained together in any sequence, depending on the required input and desired output shape. The launch of Converter makes many payload transformations possible.

InputFlow of transformationsOutput
EDIEDI Core Mappings ConverterCSV/XML
JSONMappings ConverterCSV/XML
CSV/XMLConverter MappingsJEDI
CSV/XMLConverter Mappings ConverterCSV/XML
CSV/XMLConverter Mappings EDI CoreEDI

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About Stedi

We’re solving EDI

EDI is hard; we know that. It’s an old, technical solution to a modern, logistical problem. It’s connecting businesses on a global scale by tying them together through technical details. It’s what we have and it isn’t going away.

So, we’re here to make it better. We’re here to make it so good that all the world’s EDI transactions can run on Stedi and you wouldn’t know or care, because it works. That’s why we’re here. That’s what we do. That’s Stedi.

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