EDI Core

Making EDI easy to understand and easy to work with

EDI Core can translate any incoming EDI document into JSON, so you can work with a data format you know. It also includes an Inspector that makes EDI easy to read for people. As a result, you can process any data you receive, even if you’ve never worked with EDI before. And if you need to send your JSON documents in EDI format, EDI Core can do that translation for you, too.

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Focus on the data, not on the format

EDI has a reputation for being difficult to work with, but we believe it doesn't have to be that way. We offer tools that make EDI easy to understand for humans and easy to process for computers.

EDI in JSON format

EDI documents have a weird structure and are full of strange characters. JSON, however, is something we’re all used to. So, EDI Core translates EDI into JSON. We call it: JEDI.

Validate any X12 EDI document

It's common for an EDI document to contain data that isn't exactly to spec. EDI Core finds these problems for you. It still translates the document to JEDI, but the mistakes won't go unnoticed.

Generating EDI

EDI Core can turn JEDI into standard-compliant EDI documents, so you don’t have to worry if your business partner asks for EDI. If your JSON isn’t in JEDI format yet, you can use Mappings to remedy that.

Leverage X12 EDI standards

EDI Core can work with any transaction set defined by X12, using any release version. It can even validate and translate using custom guides.

Integrates with your tech stack

It doesn't matter what technology you use: as long as you can send HTTP requests, you can automatically translate to and from EDI using EDI Core.

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100% pay-per-use

No upfront fees, no monthly commitments, no user licenses; you only pay for the data that you validate and translate. We also have a generous free tier if you want to try it out first.


Free EDI & JSON resources

We offer references for all X12 EDI transaction sets, segments, and data elements. Inspector uses these to validate your EDI documents and enrich them with the information you need. We also have JSON schemas for the web’s most popular APIs to validate your data.

X12 EDI supply chain transaction sets.

Full X12 EDI reference

EDI Reference contains all transaction sets, segments, and data element of every X12 release. Just type in what you need and Reference will find it for you.

EDI Reference
X12 EDI 850 with validation error.

Human-readable EDI

Inspector turns EDI into a human-readable format, complete with descriptions of every field. Quickly visualize, debug, and collaborate on any X12 EDI document.

EDI Inspector
Company logos of the most popular JSON schemas.

Popular JSON schemas

We’ve collected JSON schemas from the web’s most popular APIs. The schemas are free to do with as you please: validate some data or generate some code.

Schema Registry

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About Stedi

We’re solving EDI

EDI is hard; we know that. It’s an old, technical solution to a modern, logistical problem. It’s connecting businesses on a global scale by tying them together through technical details. It’s what we have and it isn’t going away.

So, we’re here to make it better. We’re here to make it so good that all the world’s EDI transactions can run on Stedi and you wouldn’t know or care, because it works. That’s why we’re here. That’s what we do. That’s Stedi.

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