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View, edit and debug EDI files

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) files can be difficult to read. EDI Inspector is a free online editor where you can view, debug, edit and share EDI transactions. Visualize documents in a friendly, human-readable format or translate EDI into JSON for easy manipulation and validation.

Inspect an EDI file

For EDI beginners and pros

Whether you are building an EDI system from scratch, onboarding a trading partner, or troubleshooting production files, Stedi’s Inspector can help speed up the feedback loop. Simply drop an X12 EDI file in on the left, and view a nicely rendered document on the right.

Inspect an EDI file

An EDI notepad

No more manually editing files in TextEdit, email, or Word. Use the Inspector as your EDI notepad to troubleshoot files.

Format EDI

In the course of working with EDI systems you might come across a flattened EDI file. Just hit the “format” button and we will clean it up for you.

View all errors at once

Most EDI parsers fail once they hit the first error and force you to fix them one by one. Using Inspector, you’ll be able to see all errors in the EDI file right away.

Share with trading partners

If you fix up an errant EDI file and need a quick way to highlight the errors to your trading partner, simply hit the share button to send and collaborate on the file with others.

Runs in the browser

The easiest way to convert betweet EDI and JSON online. Unlike traditional EDI tools, Stedi’s EDI Inspector runs in a browser.

Free to use

The EDI Inspector is completely free. Drop in as many EDI files as you need, translate EDI to JSON and share documents with your team in seconds.

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What makes EDI so hard?

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange - is an umbrella term for many different “standardized” frameworks for exchanging business-to-business transactions. It dates back to the 1960s and remains a pain point in every commercial industry from supply chain and logistics to healthcare and finance. What makes it so hard? Why is it still an unsolved problem despite many decades of immense usage?

Zack Kanter
Zack Kanter
Founder & CEO
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EDI Reference provides users with documentation on all transaction sets, segments, and elements of every X12 release, and all message types, segments and elements of every EDIFACT version.

Learn more about EDI Reference

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