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Run code to power EDI integrations

EDI integrations typically require purpose-built logic to connect the dots across various steps to create a workflow, including any combination of Stedi products and external APIs. With Stedi Functions, you can run custom code to build an end-to-end EDI flow without the hassle of provisioning or managing infrastructure.

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Integrations tuned to your business

EDI workflows can differ from one business to another depending on internal systems and practices. Functions give you an easy and powerful way to build an integration specific to your use case.

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Automated scaling

Functions are automatically scaled to match your incoming requests, and there are no idle costs when the traffic is zero. No capacity planning required.


Run functions in response to events from other Stedi products or invoke functions using the API. Enable flows between decoupled modules for maximum design flexibility.

Serverless setup

Deploy your code within seconds. As a fully serverless solution, there is no configuration or provisioning required.

Connect the dots

Use Functions to connect Stedi products, third-party libraries, and external web APIs for an integrated end-to-end EDI workflow.

Custom transformations

Write custom code to do complex manipulations on data, or combine data from different sources before sending it off to the next step in a workflow.

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100% pay-per-use

No upfront fees, no monthly commitment, no user licenses; you only pay for the compute that you consume. A generous free tier allows for experimentation.

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What makes EDI so hard?

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – is an umbrella term for many different “standardized” frameworks for exchanging business-to-business transactions. It dates back to the 1960s and remains a pain point in every commercial industry from supply chain and logistics to healthcare and finance. What makes it so hard? Why is it still an unsolved problem despite many decades of immense usage?

Zack Kanter
Zack Kanter
Founder & CEO
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Access data uploaded to an SFTP endpoint, read/write documents and build powerful integrations based on document events.

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Stedi is a developer-focused platform for building automated EDI solutions that integrate with any business system.

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