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Map data into any shape

Chances are your business partners work with different data schemas than you do. With Mappings, that’s no longer a problem. Using our uncluttered UI, you can build a mapping definition quickly and after that, you can use the API to map data into the shape you need without extra effort.

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Same data, different shape

With Mappings you can express complex data transformations without it turning into a mess of lines and arrows. Once you’ve defined your mapping, you can apply it to any incoming or outgoing document automatically.

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Uncluttered UI

Mappings focuses on showing you the data you need when you need it. You won’t be confused by all the lines and shapes that are part of fields that youʻre not working on right now.

Easy to learn

Autocomplete and documentation tooltips make it easy to discover all features Mappings has to offer and they keep writing mappings understandable, no matter your level of experience.

Not just for programmers

You don’t need a course in programming to use Mappings. If you’ve worked with a spreadsheet before, youʻll have no trouble defining a mapping.

Powerful mapping language

A mapping definition is based on a series of expressions. The language you use for these expressions supports any data transformation you need.

Integrates with your tech stack

It doesnʻt matter what technology you use: as long as you can send HTTP requests, you can map your documents using Mappings.

API Reference

100% pay-per-use

No upfront fees, no monthly commitments, no user licenses; you only pay for the number of requests you make. A generous free tier allows for experimentation.

Works for JSON, EDI, CSV and XML

Mappings can work with any JSON document and turn it into whatever shape you want.

If your data is in EDI, you can use EDI Core to translate it to JSON first. Need to process CSV or XML? Functions has you covered.

You don’t have to build it from scratch. Take a look at these examples to get started quickly.

Easily map a Stripe Charge object to the QuickBooks SalesReceipt object.

View code on GitHub

Easily map a JEDI 846 Inquiry/Advice to the Shopify Inventory Level API object.

View code on GitHub
View more Mappings examples

Write mappings with JSONata

Defining a mapping requires a language that keeps the simple things simple and makes the difficult things possible. JSONata does exactly that. It isn’t hard to learn, either; it just takes some practice. That’s why we have the JSONata Playground. Play around, learn quickly, and share your examples.

JSONata Playground
JSONata Cheatsheet
JSONata Playground
From the blog
Introducing lookup tables in Mappings

Instead of writing conditions inside of your mapping for simple data conversions, you can now create a lookup table to automatically replace a value that your system (or trading partner) does not recognize with one that they do.

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David Kanter
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