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Key-value store for business integrations

Stash is a key-value store designed for any B2B integration or EDI workflow. You can use Stash to track transactions processed, increment control numbers, reference lookup tables, and more - all using a simple API.

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Data store, simplified

Store any number of key-value pairs inexpensively and securely. There are no servers, clusters, or data replication to manage.

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Scales to your needs

Stash automatically scales capacity and throughput up and down to seamlessly address incoming requests, so you can focus on growing your business.

Flexible schema

Stash supports storage of any JSON value of type string, number, boolean, array or object, giving you the flexibility to address a wide range of use cases.

Fast and resilient

Stash is purpose-built to support high-performance and highly available applications that remain consistent and fault-tolerant at any scale.

Secure by default

With data encrypted at rest, you can build applications that meet the strictest compliance requirements.

Easy to use

Stash is easy to use from any application with no setup or configuration required – just store or retrieve data via a simple API.

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100% pay-per-use

No upfront fees, no monthly commitment, no user licenses; you only pay for what you use. Generous free tier allows for experimentation.

From the blog
What makes EDI so hard?

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – is an umbrella term for many different “standardized” frameworks for exchanging business-to-business transactions. It dates back to the 1960s and remains a pain point in every commercial industry from supply chain and logistics to healthcare and finance. What makes it so hard? Why is it still an unsolved problem despite many decades of immense usage?

Zack Kanter
Zack Kanter
Founder & CEO
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Stedi is a developer-focused platform for building automated EDI solutions that integrate with any business system.

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