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Popular JSON schemas from Stripe, Shopify, and Ramp

We’ve collected JSON schemas for some of the web’s most popular APIs.
The schemas are free to do with as you please: validate some data, generate some code, or use them as light reading on a stormy Tuesday evening.

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Payments infrastructure for the internet.

Featured Schemas
  1. Invoice
  2. Address
  3. Shipping Method

The platform commerce is built on.

Featured Schemas
  1. Order
  2. Product
  3. Customer

The corporate card that helps you spend less.

Featured Schemas
  1. Transaction
  2. Receipt
  3. Reimbursement

Get started right away

Here is all you need to turn a Stripe Invoice into a Ramp receipt, or a Shopify order into a Stripe checkout session. You can start mapping right away using Stedi’s mappings tool.

Stripe Invoice


Stripe Checkout


Ramp Reimbursement


Your Custom Schema


Start Mapping

Your Custom Schema


Shopify Product


Learn more about Mappings

Put these JSON schemas to use

The schemas make it possible to convert your data into the shape Stripe, Shopify, or Ramp needs, but we don’t stop at making it possible: we also make it easy. With Mappings you can automate the process and integrate it into your own tech stack.

Map between schemas

Mappings can map between any two JSON schemas, so you can exchange data with any API you want.

Learn more about Mappings

Automate your data mapping

All our products are designed as APIs, so you can automate everything. The APIs are ready to use right away: no setup, no maintenance.

Integrates with your tech stack

It doesn’t matter what technology you use: as long as you can send HTTP requests, you can map your data using Mappings.


There are no upfront costs and no subscriptions. You pay for the requests you make and that’s it. We also have a generous free tier to try it out first.

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