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Stedi Guides lets you capture agreements about EDI between you and your trading partner in an implementation guide. You can use the guide to validate documents your trading partner sends you, and to generate your own X12 EDI documents. You may already have an implementation guide in a PDF or a Word document. With Stedi Guides, you can transform these into a machine-readable format.

Read What is an implementation guide? for more information.

Use cases

There are three common scenarios for using Stedi Guides:

  • Generating EDI documents. You can generate X12 EDI documents based on a guide and be sure that you send your trading partner what they need.
  • Sharing guides with trading partners. There’s no need for everyone to create the same guide. Share your guide with your trading partners, and ask them to share their guides with you.
  • Validating EDI documents. When you receive an EDI document, you can make sure it conforms to the implementation guide.

Getting started

Before you can use Stedi Guides, you need to be signed up with Stedi.

After that, you can get started.

Understanding Stedi Guides

Use casesGetting startedUnderstanding Stedi Guides