This functionality is available in a Stedi module.

Integrating Stedi with your internal systems requires transforming Stedi Guide JSON to and from a format that your system can understand.

The Stedi Mappings module is a powerful JSON-to-JSON transformation engine. You can build mappings using Stedi’s visual mapper and use mappings to transform data for both inbound and outbound transactions.

For example, the following mapping transforms data from a translated 850 Purchase Order (Guide JSON) to the JSON Schema required for a simple Orders API endpoint.

Mapping example

When to use Mappings

There are three ways you can transform Stedi transaction data (JSON) into a custom format: Stedi Mappings, writing custom code, and using an iPaaS platform. The approach you choose depends on your circumstances and preferences.

Mappings may be a good fit for your business when:

  • Your system can natively produce and consume JSON payloads.
  • You plan to do one-step transformations without multi-step processing.
  • You want your business or operations team to manage mappings without engineering involvement.
  • You want a solution that’s integrated with the Stedi platform.

Visit our docs on Transformation approaches for a detailed discussion of the pros and cons of each tranformation method.

Read EDI

The most common Mappings use case is transforming processed transaction data from Stedi into a custom JSON Schema before sending it to your business system.

You can add a mapping to a Destination webhook. When the webhook is triggered, Stedi automatically uses the configured mapping to transform the JSON payload before sending it to your API.

Write EDI

You can also use Mappings to transform JSON from your business systems into the Guide JSON format required to call Stedi’s Generate EDI API.

Ingest Stedi events

You may want to transform Stedi events into a custom shape before sending them to your business system. For example, you may want to ingest file.failed.v2 events into applications like Slack or Zapier to create internal alerts for your operations team.