This functionality is available on Cloud and Enterprise plans.

Mappings transform JSON payloads from one JSON structure to another JSON structure. For example, you could create a mapping to transform incoming JSON between the following shapes.

Source shape

  "product": {
    "id": "QL-5490S",
    "price": "USD 500"

Target shape

  "product_number": "QL-5490S",
  "price": {
    "currency": "USD",
    "amount": 500

First, you must create a mapping definition. Then, you can use that definition to transform JSON documents with the Mappings API.

Use cases

You may want to use mappings for one or more of the following use cases:

  • Transform into or out of Guide JSON
  • An API expects data in a structure that’s different than what your own software system uses
  • Map data from one transaction set, like a purchase order, directly onto another transaction set, like an invoice

Transform Guide JSON

Stedi transforms data between EDI and JSON. When you receive in inbound file from a trading partner, Stedi outputs Guide JSON, a JSON shape that represents an EDI document. When you want to send an outbound file to a trading partner, the Generate EDI API accepts Guide JSON.

You can use Mappings to transform EDI data into and out of the shape required for your internal systems. In this case, we recommend creating a mapping based on the Stedi guide that you are using to read or write EDI.