8025 Conveyance call purpose description code

Code specifying the purpose of the conveyance call.

String (AN)
Min 1 / Max 3
1Cargo operations
Discharging and/or loading of cargo.
2Passenger movement
Embarking and/or disembarking of passengers.
3Taking bunkers
Taking bunker (refuelling).
4Changing crew
Changing crew member(s).
5Goodwill visit
Friendly visit.
6Taking supplies
Taking supplies.
To effect repair.
Inactive service.
9Awaiting orders
Awaiting job order.
Miscellaneous purpose of call.
11Crew movement
Embarking and/or disembarking of crews.
12Cruise, leisure and recreation
To visit a port for cruise, leisure and recreation.
13Under government order
This is a visit to a port which has been ordered by government.
14Quarantine inspection
To have a quarantine inspection.
To seek protection against something unpleasant and/or threatening such as bad weather or danger.

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