5305 Duty or tax or fee category code

Code specifying a duty or tax or fee category.

String (AN)
Min 1 / Max 3
AMixed tax rate
Code specifying that the rate is based on mixed tax.
AALower rate
Tax rate is lower than standard rate.
ABExempt for resale
A tax category code indicating the item is tax exempt when the item is bought for future resale.
ACValue Added Tax (VAT) not now due for payment
A code to indicate that the Value Added Tax (VAT) amount which is due on the current invoice is to be paid on receipt of a separate VAT payment request.
ADValue Added Tax (VAT) due from a previous invoice
A code to indicate that the Value Added Tax (VAT) amount of a previous invoice is to be paid.
AEVAT Reverse Charge
Code specifying that the standard VAT rate is levied from the invoicee.
BTransferred (VAT)
VAT not to be paid to the issuer of the invoice but directly to relevant tax authority.
CDuty paid by supplier
Duty associated with shipment of goods is paid by the supplier; customer receives goods with duty paid.
EExempt from tax
Code specifying that taxes are not applicable.
GFree export item, tax not charged
Code specifying that the item is free export and taxes are not charged.
HHigher rate
Code specifying a higher rate of duty or tax or fee.
OServices outside scope of tax
Code specifying that taxes are not applicable to the services.
SStandard rate
Code specifying the standard rate.
ZZero rated goods
Code specifying that the goods are at a zero rate.

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