4451 Text subject code qualifier

Code qualifying the subject of the text.

String (AN)
Min 1 / Max 3
AAAGoods item description
[7002] Plain language description of the nature of a goods item sufficient to identify it for customs, statistical or transport purposes.
AABPayment term
[4276] Free form description of the conditions of payment between the parties to a transaction.
AACDangerous goods additional information
[7488] Additional information concerning dangerous substances and/or article in a consignment.
AADDangerous goods technical name
[7254] Proper shipping name, supplemented as necessary with the correct technical name, by which a dangerous substance or article may be correctly identified, or which is sufficiently informative to permit identification by reference to generally available literature.
AAEAcknowledgement description
The content of an acknowledgement.
AAFRate additional information
Specific details applying to rates.
AAGParty instructions
Indicates that the segment contains instructions to be passed on to the identified party.
AAIGeneral information
The text contains general information.
AAJAdditional conditions of sale/purchase
Additional conditions specific to this order or project.
AAKPrice conditions
Information on the price conditions that are expected or given.
AALGoods dimensions in characters
Expression of a number in characters as length of ten meters.
AAMEquipment re-usage restrictions
Technical or commercial reasons why a piece of equipment may not be re-used after the current transport terminates.
AANHandling restriction
Restrictions in handling depending on the technical characteristics of the piece of equipment or on the nature of the goods.
AAOError description (free text)
Error described by a free text.
AAPResponse (free text)
Free text of the response to a communication.
AAQPackage content's description
A description of the contents of a package.
AARTerms of delivery
(4053) Free text of the non Incoterms terms of delivery. For Incoterms, use: 4053.
AASBill of lading remarks
The remarks printed or to be printed on a bill of lading.
AATMode of settlement information
Free text information on an IATA Air Waybill to indicate means by which account is to be settled.
AAUConsignment invoice information
Information pertaining to the invoice covering the consignment.
AAVClearance invoice information
Information pertaining to the invoice covering clearance of the cargo.
AAWLetter of credit information
Information pertaining to the letter of credit.
AAXLicense information
Information pertaining to a license.
AAYCertification statements
The text contains certification statements.
AAZAdditional export information
The text contains additional export information.
ABATariff statements
Description of parameters relating to a tariff.
ABBMedical history
Historical details of a patients medical events.
ABCConditions of sale or purchase
(4490) (4372) Additional information regarding terms and conditions which apply to the transaction.
ABDContract document type
[4422] Textual representation of the type of contract.
ABEAdditional terms and/or conditions (documentary credit)
(4260) Additional terms and/or conditions to the documentary credit.
ABFInstructions or information about standby documentary credit
Instruction or information about a standby documentary credit.
ABGInstructions or information about partial shipment(s)
Instructions or information about partial shipment(s).
ABHInstructions or information about transhipment(s)
Instructions or information about transhipment(s).
ABIAdditional handling instructions documentary credit
Additional handling instructions for a documentary credit.
ABJDomestic routing information
Information regarding the domestic routing.
ABKChargeable category of equipment
Equipment types are coded by category for financial purposes.
ABLGovernment information
Information pertaining to government.
ABMOnward routing information
The text contains onward routing information.
ABNAccounting information
[4410] The text contains information related to accounting.
ABODiscrepancy information
Free text or coded information to indicate a specific discrepancy.
ABPConfirmation instructions
Documentary credit confirmation instructions.
ABQMethod of issuance
Method of issuance of documentary credit.
ABRDocuments delivery instructions
Delivery instructions for documents required under a documentary credit.
ABSAdditional conditions
Additional conditions to the issuance of a documentary credit.
ABTInformation/instructions about additional amounts covered
Additional amounts information/instruction.
ABUDeferred payment termed additional
Additional terms concerning deferred payment.
ABVAcceptance terms additional
Additional terms concerning acceptance.
ABWNegotiation terms additional
Additional terms concerning negotiation.
ABXDocument name and documentary requirements
Document name and documentary requirements.
ABZInstructions/information about revolving documentary credit
Instructions/information about a revolving documentary credit.
ACADocumentary requirements
Specification of the documentary requirements.
ACBAdditional information
(4270) The text contains additional information.
ACCFactor assignment clause
Assignment based on an agreement between seller and factor.
Reason for a request or response.
A notice, usually from buyer to seller, that something was found wrong with goods delivered or the services rendered, or with the related invoice.
ACFAdditional attribute information
The text refers to information about an additional attribute not otherwise specified.
ACGAbsence declaration
A declaration on the reason of the absence.
ACHAggregation statement
A statement on the way a specific variable or set of variables has been aggregated.
ACICompilation statement
A statement on the compilation status of an array or other set of figures or calculations.
ACJDefinitional exception
An exception to the agreed definition of a term, concept, formula or other object.
ACKPrivacy statement
A statement on the privacy or confidential nature of an object.
ACLQuality statement
A statement on the quality of an object.
ACMStatistical description
The description of a statistical object such as a value list, concept, or structure definition.
ACNStatistical definition
The definition of a statistical object such as a value list, concept, or structure definition.
ACOStatistical name
The name of a statistical object such as a value list, concept or structure definition.
ACPStatistical title
The title of a statistical object such as a value list, concept, or structure definition.
ACQOff-dimension information
Information relating to differences between the actual transport dimensions and the normally applicable dimensions.
ACRUnexpected stops information
Information relating to unexpected stops during a conveyance.
Text subject is principles section of the UN/EDIFACT rules for presentation of standardized message and directories documentation.
ACTTerms and definition
Text subject is terms and definition section of the UN/EDIFACT rules for presentation of standardized message and directories documentation.
ACUSegment name
Text subject is segment name.
ACVSimple data element name
Text subject is name of simple data element.
Text subject is scope section of the UN/EDIFACT rules for presentation of standardized message and directories documentation.
ACXMessage type name
Text subject is name of message type.
Text subject is introduction section of the UN/EDIFACT rules for presentation of standardized message and directories documentation.
Text subject is glossary section of the UN/EDIFACT rules for presentation of standardized message and directories documentation.
ADAFunctional definition
Text subject is functional definition section of the UN/EDIFACT rules for presentation of standardized message and directories documentation.
Text subject is examples as given in the example(s) section of the UN/EDIFACT rules for presentation of standardized message and directories documentation.
ADCCover page
Text subject is cover page of the UN/EDIFACT rules for presentation of standardized message and directories documentation.
ADDDependency (syntax) notes
Denotes that the associated text is a dependency (syntax) note.
ADECode value name
Text subject is name of code value.
ADFCode list name
Text subject is name of code list.
ADGClarification of usage
Text subject is an explanation of the intended usage of a segment or segment group.
ADHComposite data element name
Text subject is name of composite data element.
ADIField of application
Text subject is field of application of the UN/EDIFACT rules for presentation of standardized message and directories documentation.
ADJType of assets and liabilities
Information describing the type of assets and liabilities.
ADKPromotion information
The text contains information about a promotion.
ADLMeter condition
Description of the condition of a meter.
ADMMeter reading information
Information related to a particular reading of a meter.
ADNType of transaction reason
Information describing the type of the reason of transaction.
ADOType of survey question
Type of survey question.
ADPCarrier's agent counter information
Information for use at the counter of the carrier's agent.
ADQDescription of work item on equipment
Description or code for the operation to be executed on the equipment.
ADRMessage definition
Text subject is message definition.
ADSBooked item information
Information pertaining to a booked item.
ADTSource of document
Text subject is source of document.
Text subject is note.
ADVFixed part of segment clarification text
Text subject is fixed part of segment clarification text.
ADWCharacteristics of goods
Description of the characteristic of goods in addition to the description of the goods.
ADXAdditional discharge instructions
Special discharge instructions concerning the goods.
ADYContainer stripping instructions
Instructions regarding the stripping of container(s).
ADZCSC (Container Safety Convention) plate information
Information on the CSC (Container Safety Convention) plate that is attached to the container.
AEACargo remarks
Additional remarks concerning the cargo.
AEBTemperature control instructions
Instruction regarding the temperature control of the cargo.
AECText refers to expected data
Remarks refer to data that was expected.
AEDText refers to received data
Remarks refer to data that was received.
AEESection clarification text
Text subject is section clarification text.
AEFInformation to the beneficiary
Information given to the beneficiary.
AEGInformation to the applicant
Information given to the applicant.
AEHInstructions to the beneficiary
Instructions made to the beneficiary.
AEIInstructions to the applicant
Instructions given to the applicant.
AEJControlled atmosphere
Information about the controlled atmosphere.
AEKTake off annotation
Additional information in plain text to support a take off annotation. Taking off is the process of assessing the quantity work from extracting the measurement from construction documentation.
AELPrice variation narrative
Additional information in plain language to support a price variation.
AEMDocumentary credit amendment instructions
Documentary credit amendment instructions.
AENStandard method narrative
Additional information in plain language to support a standard method.
AEOProject narrative
Additional information in plain language to support the project.
AEPRadioactive goods, additional information
Additional information related to radioactive goods.
AEQBank-to-bank information
Information given from one bank to another.
AERReimbursement instructions
Instructions given for reimbursement purposes.
AESReason for amending a message
Identification of the reason for amending a message.
AETInstructions to the paying and/or accepting and/or negotiating bank
Instructions to the paying and/or accepting and/or negotiating bank.
AEUInterest instructions
Instructions given about the interest.
AEVAgent commission
Instructions about agent commission.
AEWRemitting bank instructions
Instructions to the remitting bank.
AEXInstructions to the collecting bank
Instructions to the bank, other than the remitting bank, involved in processing the collection.
AEYCollection amount instructions
Instructions about the collection amount.
AEZInternal auditing information
Text relating to internal auditing information.
Denotes that the associated text is a constraint.
Denotes that the associated text is a comment.
AFCSemantic note
Denotes that the associated text is a semantic note.
AFDHelp text
Denotes that the associated text is an item of help text.
Denotes that the associated text is a legend.
AFFBatch code structure
A description of the structure of a batch code.
AFGProduct application
A general description of the application of a product.
AFHCustomer complaint
Complaint of customer.
AFIProbable cause of fault
The probable cause of fault.
AFJDefect description
Description of the defect.
AFKRepair description
The description of the work performed during the repair.
AFLReview comments
Comments relevant to a review.
Denotes that the associated text is a title.
AFNDescription of amount
An amount description in clear text.
Information describing the responsibilities.
Information concerning suppliers.
AFQPurchase region
Information concerning the region(s) where purchases are made.
Information concerning an association of one party with another party(ies).
Information concerning the borrower.
AFTLine of business
Information concerning an entity's line of business.
AFUFinancial institution
Description of financial institution(s) used by an entity.
AFVBusiness founder
Information about the business founder.
AFWBusiness history
Description of the business history.
AFXBanking arrangements
Information concerning the general banking arrangements.
AFYBusiness origin
Description of the business origin.
AFZBrand names' description
Description of the entity's brands.
AGABusiness financing details
Details about the financing of the business.
Information concerning an entity's competition.
AGCConstruction process details
Details about the construction process.
AGDConstruction specialty
Information concerning the line of business of a construction entity.
AGEContract information
Details about contract(s).
AGFCorporate filing
Details about a corporate filing.
AGGCustomer information
Description of customers.
AGHCopyright notice
Information concerning the copyright notice.
AGIContingent debt
Details about the contingent debt.
AGJConviction details
Details about the law or penal codes that resulted in conviction.
Description of equipment.
AGLWorkforce description
Comments about the workforce.
Description about exemptions.
AGNFuture plans
Information on future plans.
AGOInterviewee conversation information
Information concerning the interviewee conversation.
AGPIntangible asset
Description of intangible asset(s).
Description of the inventory.
Description of the investments.
AGSIntercompany relations information
Description of the intercompany relations.
AGTJoint venture
Description of the joint venture.
Description of a loan.
AGVLong term debt
Description of the long term debt.
Description of a location.
AGXCurrent legal structure
Details on the current legal structure.
AGYMarital contract
Details on a marital contract.
AGZMarketing activities
Information concerning marketing activities.
Description of a merger.
AHBMarketable securities
Description of the marketable securities.
AHCBusiness debt
Description of the business debt(s).
AHDOriginal legal structure
Information concerning the original legal structure.
AHEEmployee sharing arrangements
Information describing how a company uses employees from another company.
AHFOrganization details
Description about the organization of a company.
AHGPublic record details
Information concerning public records.
AHHPrice range
Information concerning the price range of products made or sold.
Information on the accomplishments fitting a party for a position.
AHJRegistered activity
Information concerning the registered activity.
AHKCriminal sentence
Description of the sentence imposed in a criminal proceeding.
AHLSales method
Description of the selling means.
AHMEducational institution information
Free form description relating to the school(s) attended.
AHNStatus details
Describes the status details.
Description of the sales.
AHPSpouse information
Information about the spouse.
AHQEducational degree information
Details about the educational degree received from a school.
AHRShareholding information
General description of shareholding.
AHSSales territory
Information on the sales territory.
AHTAccountant's comments
Comments made by an accountant regarding a financial statement.
AHUExemption law location
Description of the exemption provided to a location by a law.
AHVShare classifications
Information about the classes or categories of shares.
Description of a prediction.
AHXEvent location
Description of the location of an event.
AHYFacility occupancy
Information related to occupancy of a facility.
AHZImport and export details
Specific information provided about the importation and exportation of goods.
AIAAdditional facility information
Additional information about a facility.
AIBInventory value
Description of the value of inventory.
Description of the education of a person.
Description of a thing that happens or takes place.
Information about agents the entity uses.
AIFDomestically agreed financial statement details
Details of domestically agreed financial statement.
AIGOther current asset description
Description of other current asset.
AIHOther current liability description
Description of other current liability.
AIIFormer business activity
Description of the former line of business.
AIJTrade name use
Description of how a trading name is used.
AIKSigning authority
Description of the authorized signatory.
[4376] Description of guarantee.
AIMHolding company operation
Description of the operation of a holding company.
AINConsignment routing
Information on routing of the consignment.
AIOLetter of protest
A letter citing any condition in dispute.
A free text question.
AIQParty information
Free text information related to a party.
AIRArea boundaries description
Description of the boundaries of a geographical area.
AISAdvertisement information
The free text contains advertisement information.
AITFinancial statement details
Details regarding the financial statement in free text.
AIUAccess instructions
Description of how to access an entity.
Description of an entity's liquidity.
AIWCredit line
Description of the line of credit available to an entity.
AIXWarranty terms
Text describing the terms of warranty which apply to a product or service.
AIYDivision description
Plain language description of a division of an entity.
AIZReporting instruction
Instruction on how to report.
AJAExamination result
The result of an examination.
AJBLaboratory result
The result of a laboratory investigation.
ALCAllowance/charge information
Information referring to allowance/charge.
ALDX-ray result
The result of an X-ray examination.
ALEPathology result
The result of a pathology investigation.
ALFIntervention description
Details of an intervention.
ALGSummary of admittance
Summary description of admittance.
ALHMedical treatment course detail
Details of a course of medical treatment.
Details of a prognosis.
ALJInstruction to patient
Instruction given to a patient.
ALKInstruction to physician
Instruction given to a physician.
ALLAll documents
The note implies to all documents.
ALMMedicine treatment
Details of medicine treatment.
ALNMedicine dosage and administration
Details of medicine dosage and method of administration.
ALOAvailability of patient
Details of when and/or where the patient is available.
ALPReason for service request
Details of the reason for a requested service.
ALQPurpose of service
Details of the purpose of a service.
ARRArrival conditions
Conditions under which arrival takes place.
ARSService requester's comment
Comment by the requester of a service.
(4130) (4136) (4426) Name, code, password etc. given for authentication purposes.
AUURequested location description
The description of the location requested.
AUVMedicine administration condition
The event or condition that initiates the administration of a single dose of medicine or a period of treatment.
AUWPatient information
Information concerning a patient.
AUXPrecautionary measure
Action to be taken to avert possible harmful affects.
AUYService characteristic
Free text description is related to a service characteristic.
AUZPlanned event comment
Comment about an event that is planned.
AVAExpected delay comment
Comment about the expected delay.
AVBTransport requirements comment
Comment about the requirements for transport.
AVCTemporary approval condition
The condition under which the approval is considered.
AVDCustoms Valuation Information
Information provided in this category will be used by the trader to make certain declarations in relation to Customs Valuation.
AVEValue Added Tax (VAT) margin scheme
Description of the VAT margin scheme applied.
BAGPassenger baggage information
Information related to baggage tendered by a passenger, such as odd size indication, tag.
BLCTransport contract document clause
[4180] Clause on a transport document regarding the cargo being consigned. Synonym: Bill of Lading clause.
BLDInstruction to prepare the patient
Instruction with the purpose of preparing the patient.
BLEMedicine treatment comment
Comment about treatment with medicine.
BLFExamination result comment
Comment about the result of an examination.
BLGService request comment
Comment about the requested service.
BLHPrescription reason
Details of the reason for a prescription.
BLIPrescription comment
Comment concerning a specified prescription.
BLJClinical investigation comment
Comment concerning a clinical investigation.
BLKMedicinal specification comment
Comment concerning the specification of a medicinal product.
BLLEconomic contribution comment
Comment concerning economic contribution.
BLMStatus of a plan
Comment about the status of a plan.
BLNRandom sample test information
Information regarding a random sample test.
BLOPeriod of time
Text subject is a period of time.
Information about legislation.
BLQSecurity measures requested
Text describing security measures that are requested to be executed (e.g. access controls, supervision of ship's stores).
BLRTransport contract document remark
[4244] Remarks concerning the complete consignment to be printed on the transport document. Synonym: Bill of Lading remark.
BLSPrevious port of call security information
Text describing the security information as applicable at the port facility in the previous port where a ship/port interface was conducted.
BLTSecurity information
Text describing security related information (e.g security measures currently in force on a vessel).
BLUWaste information
Text describing waste related information.
BLVB2C marketing information, short description
Consumer marketing information, short description.
BLWB2B marketing information, long description
Trading partner marketing information, long description.
BLXB2C marketing information, long description
Consumer marketing information, long description.
BLYProduct ingredients
Information on the ingredient make up of the product.
BLZLocation short name
Short name of a location e.g. for display or printing purposes.
BMAPackaging material information
The text contains a description of the material used for packaging.
BMBFiller material information
Text contains information on the material used for stuffing.
BMCShip-to-ship activity information
Text contains information on ship-to-ship activities.
BMDPackage material description
A description of the type of material for packaging beyond the level covered by standards such as UN Recommendation 21.
BMEConsumer level package marking
Textual representation of the markings on a consumer level package.
CCICustoms clearance instructions
Any coded or clear instruction agreed by customer and carrier regarding the declaration of the goods.
CEXCustoms clearance instructions export
Any coded or clear instruction agreed by customer and carrier regarding the export declaration of the goods.
CHGChange information
Note contains change information.
CIPCustoms clearance instruction import
Any coded or clear instruction agreed by customer and carrier regarding the import declaration of the goods.
CLPClearance place requested
Name of the place where Customs clearance is asked to be executed as requested by the consignee/consignor.
CLRLoading remarks
Instructions concerning the loading of the container.
COIOrder information
Additional information related to an order.
CURCustomer remarks
Remarks from or for a supplier of goods or services.
CUSCustoms declaration information
(4034) Note contains customs declaration information.
DARDamage remarks
Remarks concerning damage on the cargo.
DCLDocument issuer declaration
[4020] Text of a declaration made by the issuer of a document.
DELDelivery information
Information about delivery.
DINDelivery instructions
[4492] Instructions regarding the delivery of the cargo.
DOCDocumentation instructions
Instructions pertaining to the documentation.
DUTDuty declaration
The text contains a statement constituting a duty declaration.
EUREffective used routing
Physical route effectively used for the movement of the means of transport.
FBCFirst block to be printed on the transport contract
The first block of text to be printed on the transport contract.
GBLGovernment bill of lading information
Free text information on a transport document to indicate payment information by Government Bill of Lading.
GENEntire transaction set
Note is general in nature, applies to entire transaction segment.
GS7Further information concerning GGVS par. 7
Special permission for road transport of certain goods in the German dangerous goods regulation for road transport.
HANConsignment handling instruction
[4078] Free form description of a set of handling instructions. For example how specified goods, packages or transport equipment (container) should be handled.
HAZHazard information
Information pertaining to a hazard.
ICNConsignment information for consignee
[4070] Any remarks given for the information of the consignee.
IINInsurance instructions
(4112) Instructions regarding the cargo insurance.
IMIInvoice mailing instructions
Instructions as to which freight and charges components have to be mailed to whom.
INDCommercial invoice item description
Free text describing goods on a commercial invoice line.
INSInsurance information
Specific note contains insurance information.
INVInvoice instruction
Note contains invoice instructions.
IRPInformation for railway purpose
Data entered by railway stations when required, e.g. specified trains, additional sheets for freight calculations, special measures, etc.
ITRInland transport details
Information concerning the pre-carriage to the port of discharge if by other means than a vessel.
ITSTesting instructions
Instructions regarding the testing that is required to be carried out on the items in the transaction.
LANLocation Alias
Alternative name for a location.
LINLine item
Note contains line item information.
LOILoading instruction
[4080] Instructions where specified packages or containers are to be loaded on a means of transport.
MCOMiscellaneous charge order
Free text accounting information on an IATA Air Waybill to indicate payment information by Miscellaneous charge order.
MDHMaritime Declaration of Health
Information about Maritime Declaration of Health.
MKSAdditional marks/numbers information
Additional information regarding the marks and numbers.
ORIOrder instruction
Free text contains order instructions.
OSIOther service information
General information created by the sender of general or specific value.
PACPacking/marking information
Information regarding the packaging and/or marking of goods.
PAIPayment instructions information
The free text contains payment instructions information relevant to the message.
PAYPayables information
Note contains payables information.
PKGPackaging information
Note contains packaging information.
PKTPackaging terms information
The text contains packaging terms information.
PMDPayment detail/remittance information
The free text contains payment details.
PMTPayment information
(4438) Note contains payments information.
PRDProduct information
The text contains product information.
PRFPrice calculation formula
Additional information regarding the price formula used for calculating the item price.
PRIPriority information
(4218) Note contains priority information.
PURPurchasing information
Note contains purchasing information.
QINQuarantine instructions
Instructions regarding quarantine, i.e. the period during which an arriving vessel, including its equipment, cargo, crew or passengers, suspected to carry or carrying a contagious disease is detained in strict isolation to prevent the spread of such a disease.
QQDQuality demands/requirements
Specification of the quality/performance expectations or standards to which the items must conform.
QUTQuotation instruction/information
Note contains quotation information.
RAHRisk and handling information
Information concerning risks induced by the goods and/or handling instruction.
REGRegulatory information
The free text contains information for regulatory authority.
RETReturn to origin information
Free text information on an IATA Air Waybill to indicate consignment returned because of non delivery.
The text contains receivables information.
RQRConsignment route
[3050] Description of a route to be used for the transport of goods.
SAFSafety information
The text contains safety information.
SICConsignment documentary instruction
[4284] Instructions given and declarations made by the sender to the carrier concerning Customs, insurance, and other formalities.
SINSpecial instructions
Special instructions like licence no, high value, handle with care, glass.
SLRShip line requested
Shipping line requested to be used for traffic between European continent and U.K. for Ireland.
SPASpecial permission for transport, generally
Statement that a special permission has been obtained for the transport (and/or routing) in general, and reference to such permission.
SPGSpecial permission concerning the goods to be transported
Statement that a special permission has been obtained for the transport (and/or routing) of the goods specified, and reference to such permission.
SPHSpecial handling
Note contains special handling information.
SPPSpecial permission concerning package
Statement that a special permission has been obtained for the packaging, and reference to such permission.
SPTSpecial permission concerning transport means
Statement that a special permission has been obtained for the use of the means transport, and reference to such permission.
SRNSubsidiary risk number (IATA/DGR)
Number(s) of subsidiary risks, induced by the goods, according to the valid classification.
SSRSpecial service request
Request for a special service concerning the transport of the goods.
SURSupplier remarks
Remarks from or for a supplier of goods or services.
TCAConsignment tariff
[5430] Free text specification of tariff applied to a consignment.
TDTConsignment transport
[8012] Transport information for commercial purposes (generic term).
TRATransportation information
General information regarding the transport of the cargo.
TRRRequested tariff
Stipulation of the tariffs to be applied showing, where applicable, special agreement numbers or references.
TXDTax declaration
The text contains a statement constituting a tax declaration.
WHIWarehouse instruction/information
Note contains warehouse information.
ZZZMutually defined
Note contains information mutually defined by trading partners.

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