3403 Name type code

Code specifying the type of name.

String (AN)
Min 1 / Max 3
1Maiden name
Family name of person before marriage.
2Marital name
Marital name.
3Used name
Name used to identify an entity.
4Call name
Name used to identify a person in a particular context.
5Official name
The name as registered by official authorities.
6Franchise name
Name of an entity authorized by a company to sell its goods or services in a particular way.
A fictitious name adopted.
An assumed name.
9Company name
The name of a company.
10Organisation name
Name of an organisation.
11Party acronym
A name formed from the initial letters of other words.
12Doing business as
To specify the name under which the party is conducting business.
13Brand name
A name legally registered as a trademark.
14Primary name
Identifies the name of first importance.

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