4509 Credit cover response reason code

Code specifying the reason for a response to a request for credit cover.

String (AN)
Min 1 / Max 3
1Requested financial information not provided
Party requested has not provided financial information.
2No financial information available
No financial information is available on buyer.
3Debtor is out of business
Debtor ceased trading activities.
4Debtor is new company
Debtor is newly incorporated.
5Debtor is not registered
Debtor is not formally registered as legal entity.
6Debtor is non-trading company
Debtor without trading, e.g. holding company.
7No comment
No information can be disclosed.
8Only insolvency risk covered
Only the risk of insolvency is covered.
9Subject to acceptance of bill of exchange
Limit cover conditional to buyer's acceptance of bill of exchange.
10Document against acceptance
Limit given on documents against acceptance terms.
11Document against payment
Limit given on documents against payment terms.
12Adverse information is publicly available
Adverse information on buyer is publicly available.
13Credit limit full
No approval or increase in credit possible.
14Lack of turnover
Limit reduced. E.g. cancelled due to absence of activity.
Reasons not otherwise specified here.

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