5189 Allowance or charge identification code

Code specifying the identification of an allowance or charge.

String (AN)
Min 1 / Max 3
1Handling commission
Fee for the processing of documentary credit, collection and payment which are charged to the customer.
2Amendment commission
Fee for amendments in documentary credit and collection business (not extensions and increases of documentary credits).
3Acceptance commission
Fee for the acceptance of draft in documentary credit and collection business which are drawn on us (also to be seen as a kind of 'guarantee commission').
4Commission for obtaining acceptance
Fee for obtaining an acceptance under collections on the basis of 'documents against acceptance'.
5Commission on delivery
Fee for delivery of documents without corresponding payment.
6Advising commission
Fee for advising documentary credits (charged also in case of confirmed credits).
7Confirmation commission
Fee for confirmation of credit.
8Deferred payment commission
Fee for the deferred payment period under documentary credits confirmed by bank. This fee are charges for the period from presentation of the document until due date of payment.
9Commission for taking up documents
Fee charged to the foreign bank for the processing of documentary credit.
10Opening commission
Fee for opening revocable documentary credit.
11Fee for payment under reserve
Fee charged to the customer for discrepancies in credit documents in the case of which the bank have to stipulate payment under reserve.
12Discrepancy fee
Fee charged to the foreign bank for discrepancies in credit documents.
13Domicilation commission
Fee for the domicilation of bills with the bank.
14Commission for release of goods
Commission for the release of goods sent to the bank.
15Collection commission
Fee for settling collections on the basis of 'documents against payments'.
16Negotiation commission
Fee for the purchase of documents under sight credit for the first ten days.
17Return commission
Fee for cheques, bills and collections returned unpaid and/or recalled.
18B/L splitting charges
Fee for the splitting of bills of lading.
19Trust commission
Fee for the handling on a fiduciary basis of imported goods that have been warehoused.
20Transfer commission
Fee for the transfer of transferable documentary credits.
21Commission for opening irrevocable documentary credits
Fee for opening irrevocable documentary credits. This fee is a kind of 'Guarantee commission' as compensation for the commitment into which the bank have entered on the customers behalf; similar to confirmation commission, acceptance commission.
22Pre-advice commission
Fee for the pre-advice of a documentary credit.
23Supervisory commission
Fee for the supervising unconfirmed documentary credits with a deferred payment period.
24Model charges
Fee for decoding telex messages.
25Risk commission
Commission in addition to the confirmation commission for documentary credits from sensitive countries.
26Guarantee commission
Commission for drawing up guaranties.
27Reimbursement commission
Fee for reimbursement of, for example, documentary credits.
28Stamp duty
Tax payable on bills in accordance with national bill of exchange legislation.
Brokers commission arising, in trade with foreign currencies.
30Bank charges
Charges deducted/claimed by other banks involved in the transaction.
31Bank charges information
Charges not included in the total charge amount i.e. the charges are for information only.
32Courier fee
Fee for use of courier service.
33Phone fee
Fee for use of phone.
34Postage fee
Fee for postage.
35S.W.I.F.T. fee
Fee for use of S.W.I.F.T.
36Telex fee
Fee for telex.
37Penalty for late delivery of documents
Penalty imposed when documents are delivered late.
38Penalty for late delivery of valuation of works
Penalty imposed when valuation of works is delivered late.
39Penalty for execution of works behind schedule
Penalty imposed when the execution of works is behind schedule.
40Other penalties
Penalty imposed for other reasons.
41Bonus for works ahead of schedule
Bonus for completing work ahead of schedule.
42Other bonus
Bonus earned for other reasons.
44Project management cost
Cost for project management.
45Pro rata retention
Proportional retention charge.
46Contractual retention
Contractual retention charge.
47Other retentions
Retention charge not otherwise specified.
48Interest on arrears
Interest for late payment.
Cost of using money.
50Charge per credit cover
Unit charge per credit cover established.
51Charge per unused credit cover
Unit charge per unused credit cover.
52Minimum commission
Minimum commission charge.
53Factoring commission
Commission charged for factoring services.
54Chamber of commerce charge
Identifies the charges from the chamber of commerce.
55Transfer charges
Charges for transfer.
56Repatriation charges
Charges for repatriation.
57Miscellaneous charges
Not specifically defined charges.
58Foreign exchange charges
Charges for foreign exchange.
59Agreed debit interest charge
Charge for agreed debit interest
60Manufacturer's consumer discount
A discount given by the manufacturer which should be passed on to the consumer.
61Fax advice charge
Charge for fax advice.
62Due to military status
Allowance granted because of the military status.
63Due to work accident
Allowance granted to a victim of a work accident.
64Special agreement
An allowance or charge as specified in a special agreement.
65Production error discount
A discount given for the purchase of a product with a production error.
66New outlet discount
A discount given at the occasion of the opening of a new outlet.
67Sample discount
A discount given for the purchase of a sample of a product.
68End-of-range discount
A discount given for the purchase of an end-of-range product.
69Charge for a customer specific finish
A charge for the addition of a customer specific finish to a product.
70Incoterm discount
A discount given for a specified Incoterm.
71Point of sales threshold allowance
Allowance for reaching or exceeding an agreed sales threshold at the point of sales.
72Technical modification costs
Costs for technical modifications to a product.
73Job-order production costs
Costs of job-order production.
74Off-premises costs
Expenses for non-local activities.
75Additional processing costs
Costs of additional processing.
76Attesting charge
Costs of official attestation.
77Rush delivery surcharge
Charge for increased delivery speed.
78Special construction costs
Charge for costs incurred as result of special constructions.
79Freight charges
Amount to be paid for moving goods, by whatever means, from one place to another.
80Packing charge
Charge for packing.
81Repair charge
Charge for repair.
82Loading charge
Charge for loading.
83Setup charge
Charge for setup.
84Testing charge
Charge for testing.
85Warehousing charge
Charge for storage and handling.
86Gold surcharge
Difference between current price and basic value contained in product price in relation to gold content.
87Copper surcharge
Difference between current price and basic value contained in product price in relation to copper content.
88Material surcharge/deduction
Surcharge/deduction, calculated for higher/ lower material's consumption.
89Lead surcharge
Difference between current price and basic value contained in product price in relation to lead content.
90Price index surcharge
Higher/lower price, resulting from change in costs between the times of making offer and delivery.
91Platinum surcharge
Difference between current price and basic value contained in product price in relation to platinum content.
92Silver surcharge
Difference between current price and basic value contained in product price in relation to silver content.
93Wolfram surcharge
Difference between current price and basic value contained in product price in relation to wolfram content.
94Aluminum surcharge
Difference between current price and basic value contained in product price in relation to aluminum content.
A reduction from a usual or list price.
Charge for insurance.
97Minimum order / minimum billing charge
Charge for minimum order or minimum billing.
98Material surcharge (special materials)
Surcharge for (special) materials.
An additional amount added to the usual charge.
100Special rebate
A return of part of an amount paid for goods or services, serving as a reduction or discount.
101Carbon footprint charge
A monetary amount charged for carbon footprint related to a regulatory requirement.
102Fixed long term
A fixed long term allowance or charge.
A temporary allowance or charge.
The standard available allowance or charge.
105Yearly turnover
An allowance or charge based on yearly turnover.
106Withheld taxes and social security contributions
The amount of taxes and contributions for social security, that is subtracted from the payable amount as it is to be paid separately.

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