143 Transaction Set Identifier Code

Code uniquely identifying a Transaction Set.

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
101Flight Confirmation
104Shipment Information (Air)
105Container/Equipment Transfer (Air)
107Shipment Information for Export Declaration (Air)
108Shipment Information for Import (Air)
109Shipment Information for Pick-Up/Delivery Order
110Freight Details and Invoice (Air)
111Freight Details and Invoice Summary (Air)
113Inquiry (Air)
114Shipment Identities and Status Reply (Air)
115Status Details Reply (Air)
116Repetitive Pattern Maintenance (Air)
204Shipment Information (Motor)
205Container/Equipment Transfer (Motor)
207Shipment Information for Export Declaration
208Shipment Information for Import (Motor)
210Freight Details and Invoice (Motor)
211Freight Details and Invoice Summary (Motor)
213Inquiry (Motor)
214Shipment Status Message (Motor)
216Repetitive Pattern Maintenance (Motor)
217Loading And Route Guide (Motor)
218Tariff Information (Motor)
300Reservation (Booking Request) (Ocean)
301Confirmation (Ocean)
302Container/Specialized Equip. Pick-Up Order/Canc.
303Cancellation (Ocean)
304Shipment Information (Ocean)
305Container/Equipment Transfer (Ocean)
306Dock Receipt
307Shipment Information for Export Declaration (Ocean)
308Shipment Information for Import (Ocean)
310Freight Details and Invoice (Ocean)
312Arrival Notice (Ocean)
313Inquiry (Ocean)
314Shipment Identities and Status Reply (Ocean)
315Status Details Reply (Ocean)
316Repetitive Pattern Maintenance (Ocean)
317Delivery (Pick-Up) Order (Ocean)
319Cargo Terminal Information (Ocean)
321Demurrage Guarantee (Ocean)
350Customs Release Information (Ocean)
352Carrier General Order Status (Ocean)
353U.S. Customs Master-In-Bond Arrival (Ocean)
354Automated Manifest Removal (Ocean)
355U.S. Customs Manifest Rejection (Ocean)
404Shipment Information (Rail)
407Shipment Information for Export Declaration
408Shipment Information for Import (Rail)
410Freight Details and Invoice (Rail)
411Freight Details and Invoice Summary (Rail)
416Repetitive Pattern Maintenance (Rail)
417Waybill Interchange (Rail)
418Advance Interchange Consist
419Empty Car Advance Disposition
420Car Handling Information
421Industrial Switch List
422Straight Plan Demurrage
423Average Agreement Demurrage
424Switch Bills
425Waybill Request
426Revenue Waybill Response
427Waybill Response
440Shipment Weights
460Rate Format Docket Data
461Rate Format Level Data
462Rate Format Sub-Level Data
463Rate Set Docket Index
464Rate Set Docket Data
465Rate Set Sub-Level Data
466Rate Set Request
467Scale Rate Docket Transmittal
468Journal Log
469Rate Distribution Set
480Docket/Cluster Terminator
485Concurrence, Factor Change, Publisher Change
486Proposal Rejection or Trace, Docket Expiration
490Dynamic Group Definition
491Rate Increase/Decrease Transmittal
492Demurrage/Detention/Storage Rates
499Application Acceptance Rejection Advice
602Transportation Service Tender
622Intermodal Ramp Activity
810X12.2 Invoice
819X12.43 Operating Expense Statement
820X12.4 Remittance/Payment Advice
821X12.24 Financial Information Reporting
822X12.25 Customer Account Analysis
823X12.38 Lockbox
824X12.44 Application Advice
826X12.19 Tax Information Reporting
827X12.47 Financial Return Notice
829X12.48 Payment Cancellation Request
830X12.14 Planning Schedule
832X12.13 Price/Sales Catalog
836X12.54 Contract Award
840X12.7 Request for Quotation
841X12.51 Specifications/Technical Information
842X12.21 Nonconformance Report Transaction Set
843X12.8 Response to Request for Quotation
844X12.26 Product Transfer Account Adjustment
845X12.27 Price Authorization Acknowledgment/Status
846X12.28 Inventory Inquiry/Advice
849X12.50 Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment
850X12.1 Purchase Order
852X12.52 Product Activity Data
855X12.9 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
856X12.10 Ship Notice/Manifest
858X12.18 Shipment Information
859X12.55 Freight Invoice
860X12.15 Purchase Order Change
861X12.12 Receiving Advice
862X12.37 Shipping Schedule
863X12.41 Report of Test Results
864X12.34 Text Transaction
865X12.16 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment
866X12.57 Production Sequence
867X12.33 Product Transfer and Resale Report
868X12.30 Electronic Form Structure
869X12.11 Order Status Inquiry
870X12.23 Order Status Report
874Purchase Order - Multipoint
875Purchase Order (UCS)
876Purchase Order Change (UCS)
877Purchase Order Adjustment (UCS)
878Product Authorization/De-Authorization (UCS)
879Price Change (UCS)
880Invoice (UCS)
881Credit Memo/Debit Memo (UCS)
882Statement (UCS)
883Invoice - Multipoint (UCS)
884Shipment Advice (UCS)
885Receiving Advice (UCS)
888Item Maintenance (UCS)
889Promotion Announcement (UCS)
890Prepayment Adjustment Advice (UCS)
891Promotion Announcement Change
892Promotion Announcement Confirmation
893Promotion Announcement Confirmation Change
894Delivery/Return Base Record (DEX/UCS)
895Delivery/Return Acknowledgment and/or Adjustment (DEX/UCS)
905Remittance Advice (UCS)
920Loss or Damage Claim - General Commodities
924Loss or Damage Claim - Automotive
925Claim Tracer
926Claim Status Report and Tracer Reply
928Automotive Inspection Detail
940Warehouse Shipping Order
941Warehouse Inventory Status Report
942Warehouse Activity Report
943Stock Transfer Shipment Advice
944Stock Transfer Receipt Advice
945Warehouse Shipping Advice
946Delivery Information Message
980Functional Group Totals
990Generalized Feedback
994Administrative Message
995Advisory Information
996File Transfer
997X12.20 Functional Acknowledgment
998Set Cancellation
999Acceptance/Rejection Advice

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