152 Special Handling Code

Code specifying special transportation handling instructions.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 3
A1MAggregate 1000
A3MAggregate 3000
A5MAggregate 5000
AGGAggregate Tender Discount
AGSArmed Guard Service
AKAttachment - Auto Keys
AMMA.M. Delivery Requirement
ARGRail Armed Guard Service
ASYAssembly Service Requested
ATAttachment to Move with Car
AVAnnual Volume
AWAttachments - Advance Only Waybill
BAClearinghouse Balance
BCPBypass Consolidation Point
BLBlowable Load
BNIf Bad Ordered Notify Shipper
BNSBolster Load, Do Not Switch
BWBill Shipper for Weigh Charge
CARROEE Car or Pick-up Truck
CCBConvert Commericial Bill of Lading (BOL) to Government BOL
CDAttachment - Customer's Document
CECleared for Export
CICustoms Inspection
CLSClass Rates Applied
CMAttachment - Cotton Manifest
CMDComb. Rates over Detroit
CNLConsolidation and Line Haul
CONo Marshalling Required for Hazardous Matls
CONContract Rates Apply
CORCertification That the Newsprint Winding Cores Being Returned Empty Were Received Filled by Rail Freight Service
COUConsignee Unload
COVCourier, Overnight
CPMCustoms Papers Mailed
CRCircus Ramp Only (TOFC Van)
CSDCourier, Same Day
CWBill Consignee for Weigh Charges
CYCertification that this Shipment is for Recycling as Defined in Applicable Tariffs Containing Such Provisions
DCSDOD Constant Survellance Service
DDPDual Driver Protective Service
DISDistribution Service Requested
DLRNotify Shipper Immediately if Shipment is Delayed en Route
DNShipper Authorization Required for Diversion or Consignment
DRDrop Yard
DRODrop-Off Delivery
DSDelivery Only on Surrender of Written Order
DSRDromedary Service Requested
DTDead in Tow
DUDo Not Uncouple
DWDestination Weights Apply
EEElectronic Equipment Transfer
ERReturn Empty Via Reverse Route
EWExcessive Weight
EXExplosive Flammable Gas
EXCExclusive Use of Vehicle
EXPExpedited Rates Applied
EXUExclusive Use of Vehicle Damaged
EZERoadway Easy Rates Applied
FCMoving Under ``For Furtherance Instructions'' and May Be Delivered
FDFull Service
FGFlammable Gas
FPFlammable Poison Gas
FPTFor Processing in Transit
FRFragile - Handle with Care
FRZAccepted by Carrier at Owner's Risk of Freezing
FSNontransit Flat Shipment
FSTFor Storage in Transit
GIGrain Inspection
GSSGreater Security Service
HEHead End Car
HMEndorsed as Hazardous Material
HOHold for Orders
HPHeated Prior to Loading
HQTHigh Cube Trailer Rates
HRHome for Repair
HVHigh Value Load
HWHigh Wide Load
IDShipment to be Inspected at Destination and Disposition Instructions will be Furnished
IMInteroffice Move
IPImport Shipment
IRRail Incentive Rate
ISSurveillance Service
JITJust-In-Time (JIT)
JLXJoint Line Exception
JSJunction Settlement Account
KEGCertification that the Containers Being Returned Empty Were Received Filled by Rail Freight Service
KMDKeep Material Dry
LBLand Bridge (Import/Export)
LBTLow Boy Trailer/Flat Bed
LCCar Trip Leased to Consignee
LDLoading Devices
LFLoaded to Full Visible Capacity
LPProtect Lowest Through Rate
LSLocal Service Only
LTLess Than Full Carload
LTTLess Than Truckload
MCPerson in Charge of Car
MEXExclusive Use
MFCleared for Border Crossing
MPMultiple Pickup
MRMechanical Refrigeration
MSSMotor Surveillance Service
MTEMilitary Traffic Expediting Service
NCNotify Consignee Before Delivery
NDDo Not Divert
NENo Special Entrainment Required
NHDo Not Hump
NPDo Not Pool
NPRNo Placards Required
NSNotify Shipper Before Reconsignment
NTDo Not Transfer Contents
NWIn Case of Fire Do Not Use Water
NXNot for Export
OBLBlock Stowage
OCACargo Aboard
OCLCarrier Load and Consignee Unload
OCSCompleting Shipment
OCVDelivery Verification Not Required
OEHExempt Commodity
ONCUse No Hooks
ONSNot Restricted Cargo
OOBCargo on Board Certification Required
OODOn Deck Stowage
OOLCarrier Load and Carrier Unload
OPTPartial Shipment
OSCommodity Loaded Less Than or Equal To the Car Ordered
OSBStow Below Deck
OSTStow Between Decks
OTCTemperature Control
OTDTime of Delivery and Signature Required
OTSTotal Shipment
OWROne Way Rates Applied
PBPerishable in Box Car
PDPrivately Controlled Private Equipment Subject to Demurrage
PGPoisonous Gas
PHRPer Hour Rates Applied
PIIced Prior to Loading
PMMP.M. Delivery Requirement
PMRPer Mile Rates Apply
PSProduct Protection Service
PSSProtective Security Service
PTSProtective Tarp For Security Purposes
PUPPUP Trailer Rates Apply
PWAttachment - Prepaid Waybill
RAReturn Authorization
RBRender Bill for Charges
RCRailroad Controlled Private Equipment Subject to Demurrage
RDRRoadrailer Service
RMRadioactive Material
RORush Order
RRRear Rider
RRRRound Trip Service
RSInspect Hourly if Car Stopped
RTRecord for Transit
SBShipper Load/Carrier Count
SCShove to Rest and Cover
SCLShipper Load and Consignee Unload
SDSubject to Special Detention Rules/Charges
SEAttachment - Shipper's Export Document
SERService Charge Applies
SEVSecurity Escort Vehicle Service
SFSplit Pickup
SGLSingle Shipment
SHShiftable Load
SHLShipper Load
SIShip to Cross Dock or Pool
SKRequires Shelf Couplers
SLCShipper Load and Count
SMAttachment - Shipper's Manifest
SMPSmall Package
SMSSatellite Surveillance Service
SOLShipper Load and Carrier Unload
SPAttachment - Shipper's Packing Instructions
SRSpeed Restricted
SSNSubstitute Service Not to be Used
STStack Train
STRSignature and Tally Record
TACars Temporarily Articulated
TDCTruckload-Double Operator-Common Carrier
TDPTruckload-Double Operator-Padded Van
TLSTendered as Truckload (Truckload Service Requested)
TNTurn Car
TOFTrailer on Flat Car
TRKTruck Rates Applicable
TRSTrade Show
TSTransit Shipment
TSCTruckload-Single Operator-Common Carrier
TSPTruckload-Single Operator-Padded Van
TSSTank Surveillance Service
TTTeam Track Delivery
TVTime Volume Rates Only
UBUnload at Bumper (Circus Ramp)
UNUnload as Placarded
UPUnprotected Perishable
USShipper Certifies Gross Weight under 240,000 pounds
VANROEE Van Type Truck
VTVentilation Instructions
WBWide-Body Pickup Truck (Applies to Finished Vehicle Loading
WDWaived Inspection - Set Direct
WEWeigh Empty
WHAttachments - High Wide Notice
WIWaive Inspection
WMManifest Must Accompany Waybill
WOWeigh to Check for Overload
WWWaste Water
XTCross Town

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