366 Contact Function Code

Code identifying the major duty or responsibility of the person or group named.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
ACAdministrative Contracting Officer
ADAccounting Department
APAccounts Payable Department
ARAccounts Receivable Department
BCBroker Contact
BDBuyer Name or Department
CACustomer Contact Granting Appointment
CBChanged By
CCComputer Systems Contact
CDContract Contact
CHChange Order Approver
COComponent Engineer
CRCustomer Relations
CSCAD/CAM Specialist
CWConfirmed With
DCDelivery Contact
DEDesign Engineer
DIDelivery Instructions Contact
EBEntered By
ECEmergency Contact-Shipper
EDEmergency Contact-Consignee
EFEmergency Contact-Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC)
FCForwarder Contact
HMHazardous Material Contact
ICInformation Contact
IOIssuing Officer
NCNumerical Control Engineer
NPNotary Public
NTNotification Contact
OCOrder Contact
ODOrder Department
PEProcess Engineer
PLManufacturing Plant Contact
PMProduct Manager
PRPrototype Coordinator
QAQuality Assurance Contact
QCQuality Coordinator
QIQuality Inspector
RCRebate/Chargeback Contact
RDReceiving Dock
REReceiving Contact
SASales Administration
SCSchedule Contact
SDShipping Department
SHShipper Contact
SRSales Representative or Department
SUSupplier Contact
TATraffic Administrator
TDTender Developer
TRTechnical Marketing Representative
WRTechnical Writer
ZZMutually Defined

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