422 Promotion Condition Code

Code describing a performance condition applying to a promotion.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Product Allocation
02Number of Buy Restriction
03Promotion Period Restriction
04Special Promotional Discount Terms
10Ad, Size Not Specified
11Ad, 1 Col Inch
12Ad, 2 Col Inch
13Ad, 3 Col Inch
14Ad, 4 Col Inch
15Ad, 5 Col Inch
16Ad, 6 Col Inch or Greater
17Ad, Full Page
18Ad, Half Page
19Ad, Quarter Page
20Ad, Coupon
21Ad, Color
22Ad, Product Illustration
23Ad, National Line Rate
25Ad, Roto
26Ad, Free Standing
28Ad, Window Signs
32Ad, Price Reduction
33Ad, Circulars
34Ad, Television
35Ad, Radio
36Ad, Handbill
37Ad, Newspaper Insert
39Ad, See Free Form Message
41Display, End Aisle
42Display, Aisle Stack
44Display, Cases per Store
45Display, Number of Days
46Display, Shelf Extender
49Display, Number of Stores
51Display, Price Reduction
59Display, See Free Form Message
60Reduced Price
61Reduced Price, Number of Days
62Reduced Price With Shelf Sign
63Reduced Price, In Price/Order Guide
64Reduced Price, In Store Coupons
69Reduced Price, See Free Form Message
70Retail Distribution (One Case per Store)
71Retail Distribution (X Cases per Store)
72Retail Distribution (X Number of Stores)
79Retail Distribution
ZZMutually Defined

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