522 Amount Qualifier Code

Code to qualify amount

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
1Line Item Total
2Batch Total
3Deposit Total
4Lock Box Total
5Total Invoice Amount
6Amount Subject to Total Monetary Discount
7Discount Amount Due
8Total Monetary Discount Amount
9Total Operational Statement Amount
10Shipment Value in U.S. Dollars
AAdjusted Chargeback Claim Amount
ACAverage Collected Balance
ADAdjusted Total
ALAverage Ledger Balance
BCBilling Cycle Net Fee Position (Excess/Deficit)
BTBank Reject Total
CBCollected Balance Required
CCChargeback Claim Amount
CHChange Amount
FPFees Paid Year to Date
IBInvestable Balance
LILine Item Unit Price
NANet Adjustment
NCNegative Collected Balance
NFMonthly Net Fee Position (Excess/Deficit)
NLNegative Ledger Balance
NPNet to Pay Total
NYNet Year to Date (Excess/Deficit)
OPOriginal Payment Total
PAPayment Cancellation Total
PCPositive Collected Balance
PLPositive Ledger Balance
QNQuarterly Net Fee Position (Excess/Deficit)
SSubmitted Chargeback Claim Amount
SCTotal Service Charge
TPTotal payment amount
TTTotal Transaction Amount

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