562 Scheduling/Shipping Code

Code indicating general scheduling/shipping arrangements.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
BKShip Partial - Balance Back Order
CDCancel if Not Delivered by This Date
CSCancel if Not Shipped by This Date
DADo Not Deliver After
DBDo Not Deliver Before
DDDeliver on Date
FTShip Full Truck Only
ISSubstitute Item
P1No Schedule Established
P2ASAP -- Ship as Soon as Possible
P3May Preship
P4Do Not Preship
SADo Not Ship After
SBDo Not Ship Before
SCShip Complete
SDShip Date
SESmall Remaining Balance Cancellation Allowed
SFShip Partial, If No Freight Rate Increase
SGSmall Remaining Balance Cancellation Not Allowed
SLShip Partial, Carload Lots Only
SPShip Partial - Balance Cancel
SQShip Partial, Item Quantity Proportional to Total Order
SSShip per Schedule
STShip Partial, Truckload Lots Only
SUShip Partial - Balance Substitute
ZZMutually Defined

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