640 Transaction Type Code

Code specifying the type of transaction.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
BABackbill Invoice
BHBill and Hold Goods
CCCredit Commission Invoice
CIConsolidated Invoice
CNCredit Invoice
CRCredit Memo
DCDebit Commission Invoice
DIDebit Invoice
DRDebit Memo
EBEngineering Final Bill
EFEngineering Installation, Right to Use, Final Bill
EIEngineering Installation, Final Bill
EREngineering Right to Use, Final Bill
FBFinal Bill
IBInstallation Final Bill
IFMaterial, Engineering, Installation, Final Bill
IRInstallation, Right to Use, Final Bill
IUMaterial, Installation, Right to Use, Final Bill
MCMaterial Credit Invoice
MFMaterial, Engineering, Final Bill
MIMaterial, Installation, Final Bill
MMMultiple Shippers, Multiple Consignees
MRMaterial, Right to Use, Final Bill
MSMaterial Final Bill
PBPartial Bill
PPPrepaid Invoice
PRProduct (or Service)
RARequest for Credit
RBRight to Use
RCRequest for Quote
RFMaterial, Engineering, Right to Use, Final Bill
SMSingle Shipper, Multiple Consignees
SSSingle Shipper, Single Consignee
UFMaterial, Engineering, Installation, Right to Use, Final Bill

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