673 Quantity Qualifier

Code specifying the type of quantity.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Discrete Quantity
02Cumulative Quantity
03Discreet Quantity - Rejected Material
04Discrete Quantity - Rejected Material: Disposition Replacement
05Discrete Quantity - Rejected Material: Disposition Credit
06Discrete Quantity - Rejected Material: Disposition Pending
07Cumulative Quantity - Rejected Material
08Cumulative Quantity - Rejected Material: Disposition Replacement
09Cumulative Quantity - Rejected Material: Disposition Credit
10Cumulative Quantity - Rejected Material: Disposition Pending
11Split Quantity
12Ship Notice Quantity
13Collateral Requirements
14Quantity in Float
15Quantity in Hold Out
16Line Thread Quantity
17Quantity on Hand
18Previous Week Quantity
19Unverified Receipts
20Unusable Quantity
21Cumulative Quantity Shipped Short- Disposition Pending
22Cumulative Quantity Shipped Short- Disposition Challenged
23Cumulative Quantity Shipped Long- Disposition Pending
24Cumulative Quantity Shipped Long- Disposition Challenged
25OEM Inventory
26Total Inventory
27Committed Quantity
28Quantity Available for Return
29Projected Available Inventory
30Quote Quantity on Inventory
31Additional Demand Quantity
32Quantity Sold
33Quantity Available for Sale (stock quantity)
34Noncommitted Inventory on Shelf
35Inventory on Shelf + Work in Progress
36Distributor Inventory
37Work In Process
38Original Quantity
39Shipped Quantity
40Remaining Quantity
41Number of Batches
42Number of Checks
45Cumulative quantity on order
46Total transactions
47Primary Net Quantity
48Secondary Net Quantity
49Number of Signed Bills of Lading
50Number of Copies of Bill of Lading
51Number of Unsigned Bills of Lading
52Number of Originals
53Original payment item count.
54Bank reject item count.
55Net to pay item count.
56Minimum Contract Quantity
57Minimum Order Quantity
58Payment Cancellation Item Count
60Total Authorized Quantity
61Remaining Authorized Quantity
62Number of Days Covered by Inventory
63On Order Quantity
64Past Due Quantity
65Previous Month's Usage
66Minimum Fabrication Quantity
67Minimum Ship Quantity
68Maximum Number of Shipments Allowed
69Incremental Order Quantity
70Maximum Order Quantity
72Minimum Stock Level
73Maximum Stock Level
74Damaged Goods
77Stock Transfers In
78Stock Transfers Out
79Billing Unit(s) Per Pricing Unit
80Pricing Unit(s) Per Billing Unit
81Prepaid Quantity Shipped
82Prepaid Quantity Not Shipped
83Submitted Quantity Sold
84Submitted Quantity Returned
85Lot Size
86Nonconformance Quantity
87Quantity Received
AJDaily Adjustments

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