LE Loop Trailer

To indicate that the loop immediately preceding this segment is complete

Loop Identifier Code
Identifier (ID)
Code identifying a loop within the transaction set which is bounded by the related LS and LE segments (corresponding LS and LE segments must have the same value for loop identifier). (Note: The loop ID number given on the transaction set diagram is recommended as the value for this data element in segments LS and LE.)
One loop may be nested (contained) within another loop, provided the inner (nested) loop terminates before the outer loop. When specified by the standard setting body as ``mandatory'', this segment, in combination with ``LS'', must be used. It is not to be used if not specifically set forth for use. The loop identifier in the loop header and trailer must be identical. The preferrd value for the identifier is the segment ID of the required loop beginning segment.

Figures Appendix

Following is a figure detailing the use of the LE and LS segments in conjunction.

LE is a control segment. LE is always used in conjunction with a corresponding loop header (start) - LS, as illustrated below. The LS and LE indicate the start and end of a loop but are not part of the iteration of the loop.


Loop "A" Header (LS "A")
            Loop "B" Header (LS "B")
                        Loop "C" Header (LS "C")
                        Loop "C" Trailer (LE "C")
                        Loop "D" Header (LS "D")
                        Loop "D" Trailer (LE "D")
            Loop "B" Trailer (LE "B")
Loop "A" Trailer (LE "A")

Neither LS nor LE is used if the data within the loop is not used.

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