122 Rate/Value Qualifier

Code qualifying how to extend charges or interpret value.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
AAPercent Of Amount Advanced
ACPercent Of Amount Of Collection
AVAd Valorum (Per Cent of Value)
B0per Board Feet
B1per 100 Board Feet
BFPer 1,000 Board Feet
BLBill of Lading Declared Value
BRPer Barrel
C5per 50 Cubic Feet
CFPer 40 Cubic Feet (Measurement Ton)
CMPer Cubic Meter
CTCharge or Credit Based on Percentage of Total
DDDepartment of Defense Unique Codes
DPPer $1000
DRPer Dromedary Service Shipment
DSPer Hundredweight Per Mile Per Dromedary Service Shipment
EIEx Parte Increase
ERPer Each Request
FCFlat Charge
FFPercent Of Tariff Rate
FLper Flat Bed
FNPer Two Weeks
FRFlat Rate
FTper Foot
FVLoaded to Full Visible Capacity
GTPer Gross Ton
HDPer Hundredweight Per Dromedary Service Shipment
HMRate Per Hundred Weight Per Mile
HNPer Half Month
HYPer Half Year
KGper Kilograms
KLPer Kiloliter
KPPer Kilometer
KTper Kilotons
LBPer Pound
LPPer Label
LRPer Litre
LSLump Sum
LTPer Long Ton
MDPer Man Per Day
MEMultiple Equipment
MHPer Man Per Hour
MINegative Charge
MMPer Metric Ton (Tonne)
MOPer Month
MPMaximum Per Shipment
MSMinimum Per Shipment
MTPer Permit
MVPer Mile Per Vehicle (Rail Car) Moved
MWMinimum Per Vehicle
MXMixed Shipment Rule
PAPer Container
PBPer Barge
PCPer Car
PDPer Day
PEPer 20 Foot Equivalent (TEU)
PFPer Cubic Foot
PGPer Gallon
PHPer Hundred (of Basic Unit)
PKPer Cord
PLPer Load
PMPer Mile
PPPer Piece
PQPer Period
PRPer Hour
PSPer Shipment
PTPer Net Ton
PUPer Unit
PVPer Vehicle
QYPer Quarter Year
RPPercent Of Rate
S0per 1000 Square Feet
S1per 100 Square Feet
SCPer Stencil
SDShipper's Export Declaration Value
SFper Square Feet
SPPer Stop
STPer Short Ton
SUPer Stack Car Unit
SYSquare Yard
TBPer 2 Trailers Same Day
TCPer 3 Trailers Same Day
TDPer 4 Trailers Same Day
TNPer Train Rate
TPPer Tag
TRPer Trailer (Per Train)
VPMaximum Per Vehicle
VUPer Mile Per Vehicle (Rail Car) Used
WKPer Week
WMWeight or Measurement
YRPer Year

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