150 Special Charge or Allowance Code

Code identifying type of special charge or allowance.

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
003Account Number Correction Charge
005Activation of Carnet
010Add on - Destination
015Add on - Origin
020Address Correction
025Advance Destination Amount
030Advance Destination Fee
035Advance Origin Amount
040Advance Origin Fee
045Advance Fee
050Agent Disbursement - Destination
055Agent Disbursement Fee - Destination
060Agent Disbursement - Origin
065Agent Disbursement Fee - Origin
070Air Export Certificate
075Air Express Charge
080Air Transportation Charge
085Airline Opening Fee
090Airport Tax - Destination
095Airport Tax - Origin
100Airport Terminal Handling Charge
105Acknowledgement of Delivery Fee (AOD)
110Amending Export Documentation
115Assembly Fee
120Banking Drafts
130Bond Charge
135Cables (sending of)
140Call Tag
145Canadian C.Q.Customs Clearance
150Canadian Currency Exchange
155Canadian Import Termination Fee
160Canadian Reconsignment Fee
165Canadian Remanifest Fee
170Certificate of Origin
175Certificate of Registration
180Chamber of Commerce Service Charge
185Change of Airbill - Service Fee
186Chemical Milling Charge
190City Terminal Charge
205Collect Surcharge
210Constant Surveillance Service
215Consular Legalization Service
220Consularization Fee
225Constant Surveillance Service - Armed
235Customer Account Identification
240Customs Broker Fee
245Customs Invoice
250Customs Invoice - Additional Page
255Data/Drawing Charge
260Delivery Surcharge
265Development Charge
270Discount - Drop Box/Convenience Ctr.
275Discount - Incentive
280Discount - Multiple Shipment
285Discount - Service Option (Delivery)
290Discount - Service Option (Pickup)
295Discount - Special
297Contingency Credit Charge
300Distribution Fee
310Dry Ice
315Duty Charge
320Endorsement Fee
325Eur1 Presentation Fee
330Excess Value Fee
335Excise Tax - Destination
340Excise Tax - Origin
345Expedited One Day Consular Service
350Expedited Shipments
355Extra Copies and Mailings
360Export Customs Clearance
365Export Declarations - Automated
370Export Declarations - U.S. Shippers
375Export License Application
380Extra Service - Counter-to-Counter
385Facsimile Charges
390Facsimile Charges - Additional Pages
392Failed Lamp Panel Charge
393First Article Charge
395Free Domicile Shipment Processing
405Fuel Surcharge
410Government Warehouse Fee - Destination
415Government Warehouse Fee - Origin
416Grain Flow Charge
420Hazardous Materials Handling Fee - Domestic
425Hazardous Materials Handling Fee - International
426Heat Treat Charge
430IATA Airbill Preparation
435IATA Fee
440Import Service Fee
445Insurance Fee
450Inland Transportation
455Insurance Premium
460International Door-to-Door Handling Fee
462Incorrect Billing Account Charge
465Italian Release Charge
470Letter of Credit Processing
475Mailing - Postage Cost
480Mailing - Service Fee
485Messenger Service
490Minimum Air Transportation Charge
495Miscellaneous - Destination
500Miscellaneous - Origin
505Missing Account NBR Charge
510Offshore - Alaska/Hawaii
515On Hand Service
520Oversized Premium
525Passing Shippers Export Entry
535Pickup - Out of Area
540Pickup Surcharge
545Pre-Positioned Inventory Service
550Preparation of Air Waybill - Origin
555Preparation of Canadian Customs Invoice
560Preparation of Commercial Invoice
565Preparation of Export Entry
570Preparation of Insurance Certificate
580Priority Service
585Preparation of U.S. Export Documentation
586Processing Charge
590Rebilled Drayage - Destination
593Re-Bill Charge
595Proforma Invoice
600Recipient Address Correction
605Rebilled Drayage - Origin
615Recovery Fee
620Recrating/Recoopering - Destination
625Recrating/Recoopering - Origin
635Registration of Export Shipments
640Registration of Export for Reentry
641Reliability Charge
645Restricted Article Fee
665Saturday Delivery
670Saturday Pick-Up
675Security Signature Service
680Service Upgrade
685Special Delivery
690Special Handling Service
695Special Pickup
696Special Test Equipment Charge
697Special Tooling Charge
700Special Vehicle Rent
705Stamp Fee
706Straightening Charge
720Telephone - Destination
725Telephone - Origin
730Terminal Service Fee
731Test/Qualification Charge
732Tooling Rework Charge
735Tracing Inbound Via Other Carriers
736Tracing Service Fee
740Transfer of Lading Charge
745Valuation Fee
750Value Added Tax (VAT)
755Waiting Time
760Waybill and Invoice Distribution
761Written Proof of Delivery
762X-ray Charge
999Other (See related description)
AAAAdvertising Allowance
AAMAdditional Material
AANAllowance Non-performance
AAOAllowance Advance
AATHandling Charge Tax
ABCAlcoholic Beverage Report Charge
ABLAttachments to Bill of Lading Charge
ACDAllegheny County, PA Delivery Charge
ACFAccess Charge - Federal
Charge to connect the customer to the long distance network, required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
ACHAccess Charges
Charges to connect the customer to the long distance network
ACSAccess Charge - State
Charge to connect the customer to the long distance network, required by the State Public Utilities Commission
ADHAdvance Charges Handling
AFBAdditional Copies of Freight Bill
AFCCollect on Delivery Alteration Charge
ALCAdvance Lading Charge
AMBAdjustment for Maximum Charges Billing
Adjustment to the billed amount for usage billing when the usage charge exceeds the maximum monthly usage charge
AMCAbsolute Minimum Charge
AMPAdjustment for Minimum Average Time Requirement Billing
Adjustment billed amount for billing of WATS usage at the Minimum Average Time Required Rate
ANBAdjustment for Minimum Charges Billing
ANSAnodizing Charge
APTAppointment (Notification)
ARBArbitrary (In Addition to Through Rates and Charges)
ASCAssembly Charge
AVAAd Valorem
BAABeaming Charge
BABBrokerage or Duty
BACBuyers Car Allowance
BADBad Debt
BAPBroken Package Charge
BASBase Charge
BBKBreak Bulk Surface Charge
BDXBordeaux Arbitraries
BEYBeyond Freight Charges
BLABill of Lading Attendancy
BLCBill of Lading Charge
BLDBilled Demand
BLKBlocking and Bracing Charge
BLWBlower Charge
BNDBond Charges
BOBBobtail Charges
BRABasic Reorder Allowance
BRDBridge Toll
BSCBunker Surcharge
BYDBeyond Charge
CAACancellation Charge
CACCash Discount
CADCertification Fee
CAECo-manufacturing Discount
CAFCompetitive Allowance
CAGCompetitive Car Allowance
CAHCompressor Charge
CAKCustomer Equipment Allowance
CALCutting Charge
CAOCo-op Credit
CAPCar Loading
CAQContract Escalation
CARCar Rental
CASContainer Deposits
CATCleaning Charges
CAUCOD Charges
CAVContract Allowance
CAWCooperative Advertising/Merchandising Allowance (Performance)
CBLCopy of Bill of Lading Charge
CBOCents Off
CBPCompetitive Price
CBWContainer Allowance
CBXCity Sales Tax (Only)
CCACarrier Credit Allowance
CCHCertification Charge
CCRConcession Credit
Credit to adjust the billed amount due to a predefined discounting arrangement
CDACarrier Debit Allowance
CDFCancelled Order, Heavy Duty Flatcar
CDRCopy of Delivery Receipt Charge
CERContainer Service Charge UK/EUR
CGLCanada Great Lakes Additionals
CHGCharges Forward/Advance Charge
CHNChain and Binders
CIRSpecial Circus Trains
CLCChicago Loop Charge
CLNCleaning Charge
CLSContainer Leasing
CMCConcession Money
CMFCity maintenance fee
CMIContinuous Mileage
CMPCamp Arbitrary
COACommission Amount
COCConnect Charge
Charge for connection to termination point for the communication
COFOcean Freight
COLFee for Collecting COD Charge
CONCongestion Surcharge
COUConsignee Unload
CRACost recovery/adjustment
CRCCore Charge
CRFCost Recovery Factor
CSAClosing & Sealing
CSCContract Service Charge
CSECustoms Entry
CSFCustoms Formalities
CSRConservation research fee
CTAContainer/Trailer Allowance
CTCContainer Service Charge USA/Canada
CTFChassis Transfer
CTGCartage Charge
CTLControlled Atmosphere
CUACurrency Adjustment
CUDCurrency Discount
CUFCurrency Adjustment Factor
CUSCustoms Charge
DAADeficit Freight
DACDistributor Discount/Allowance
DADDrum Up Charge
DAMDamaged Merchandise
DBDDockage - Boat Detention
DCSDisconnect charge
DCTCity Delivery
DDADefective Allowance
DDCDrum Cost
DDDDrum Deposit
DDFDowel Pin Charge
DDSDeaf and Disabled Surcharge
Surcharge assessed to fund the provision of services to the handicapped by mandate of the local Public Utilities Commission
DEADemurrage - Average Agreement
DELDelivery Charge
DEPDetention of Power Units
DERDerrick Charge
DESDemurrage - Special
DETDetention of Trailers
DFWDelay Furnishing Destination Weights
DICDiversion Charge
DISDistribution Service
DIVDiversion and Reconsignment
DLHDrayage/Line Haul
DMCDeadhead Mileage Charge
DMDDemand charge
DOCDocumentation Charge
DONDeposit in Lieu of Order
DRYDryer Charge
DSFDetention - Special Type Flat Car
DSTContainer Destuffing
DTADiversion to Air Charge
DTCDestination Charge
DTLDetention Loading
DTUDetention Unloading
DWCDriver's Wages
EACExchange Access Credit
Monthly credit per Telecommunications line, issued to offset a reduced rate calling plan available in another geographic area
EBDExhibition Delivery Charge
EBPExhibition Pickup Charge
ECCWill Call Charge
EEAEarly Buy Allowance
EEBEarly Payment Allowance
EEDExclusive Use
EEFExpediting Fee
EEGOne Time Engineering Charge
EEHEngineering Charge
EEPExpediting Premium
EEXExport Shipping Charge
EICExport/Import Charge
EMSEmergency Surcharge
ENCEnergy charge
ENSEnergy Surcharge (Fuel Adjustment Factor)
EPCEmergency Port Charge
EPSEnvironmental Protection Service
ESAEarly Ship Allowance
ESCEmergency Service
EUCEuropean Port Charges
EVCExcessive Value Charge
EXCExclusive Use Charge
EXLExtra Length
EXMExcess Mileage Charge
EXPExpedited Service Charge
EXSExcess Periods
EXWExcess Weight
A special charge incurred by shipments that exceed the weight agreed to
FABF.E.T. Federal Excise Tax
FACF.E.T. (Percent)
FADF.E.T. (Dollar Value)
FAEFabrication Charge
FAFF.E.T. Tires
FAGFreight Equalization
FAHFreight Surcharge
FBDFreight, Based on Dollar Minimum
FCBFreight Charges to Border
FCDFreight Charges to Destination
FDLFood and Lodging
FFIFinance Charge
FFLFreshness/Leaker Allowance
FFNSpecial Finish Charge
FFPFreight Passthrough
FFRFlat Rate
FMRForeign Military Sales (FMS) Rental
Costs to a supplier under contract to a prime contractor for using government-furnished equipment or facilities to make military parts for a foreign government; must be specified in the quotation and addressed as a separate line item in the purchase order
FMSForeign Military Sales (FMS) Special Charge
Surcharge added to orders for the sale of military hardware to a foreign country as authorized by the U.S. government
FRCFranchise fee
FTCFederal Transfer Surcharge
Surcharge to recover cost associated with the transfer of bill inquiry services to AT&T
FUEFuel Charge
FWAForwarding Agent Commission
FWCForwarding Charge
GARGarment District
GDRGrain Doors
GGAGlaze Allowance
GGFGold Factor
GPDGulf Port Delivery Charge
GRDGroupage Discount
GRSGross Receipts Surcharge
Surcharge to recover revenues paid to the jurisdiction as annual gross earnings tax
GSTGoods and Services Tax Charge
HANHandling Charges on Distribution Freight Forwarded Beyond
HAZHazardous Cargo Charge
HDFHeavy Duty Flat Car Charge
HDGHolding Charge
HETHeat in Transit Charges
HFAHandling Freight At Positions Not Immediately Adjacent To Vehicle Charge
HHAHauling and Hoisting to be Direct Billed
HHGHousehold Goods Pick-up or Delivery
HICHighway Interchange
HLFHome Line Freight Charge
Special rate under most joint railroad facility contracts
HOCHook-up charge
HOLSunday or Holiday Pick-up or Delivery
HOSHose Charge
HOXHose Charge Special
HSCHigh Security Red In-bond Seal Charge
HULHeavy Lift
HZSHazardous Storage
IAAIndustry Price Allowance
IABIncome Freight (Manufacturing to Shipping Point)
IACInspection Fee
IDLInside Delivery
IDPInterdivision Profit
When one division of a corporation becomes a supplier to another division, an Interdivision Profit is specified separately (on non-competitive purchase orders associated with U.S. Government contracts and it is not to be included in the unit price or material cost)
IFCInbound Freight Charges
IHTInterstate/Highway Toll
IIAInvoice Adjustment
IIPItem Percentage
ILDIsland Delivery Charge
ILFInitial License Fee
A one-time fee charged by a manufacturer to a customer to license the manufacturer's products
ILPIsland Pick-Up Charge
INCInsurance Surcharge
INPInterplant Charge
INRInterest on refund
IPCIntra-plant Charge
IPUInside Pick-up
IRAIrish Arbitraries
ISDInterest on security deposit
ITCInsulated Tank Charge
LAALabor Charges
LABExtra Labor (Helper Service)
LACLading Adjustment Charge
LADLabor (Repair and Return Orders)
LAEOne-Time License Fee
LATLicense and Title
LAYLayover Charges
LCGLate Order Charge
LCRLabor Cost of Removal
LDALoading Allowance
LDLUnloading Allowance
LDSLocomotive Delayed in Switching Service
LFTLift Gate (Truck) or Forklift Service at Pick-up/Delivery
LIDRecurring License Fee
A periodic fee charged by a manufacturer to the customer to license the manufacturer's product
LLCLot Charge
LLDLead Factor
LLFLoan Fee
LLSLocal Sales Tax (All Applicable Sales Taxes by Taxing Authorities Below the State Level)
LMCLabor, Modify
LNTLabor, No Trouble Found
LOALoading (Labor Charges)
LOCLocal Delivery/Drayage
LPCLate payment charge
LSCLabor Service
LSSLifeline Surcharge
Surcharge assessed to provide services to the economically deprived
LTCLabor, Test and Calibrate
LUPLocomotive Under Own Power
LUSLeaking underground storage tax (LUST)
MAAMetals Surcharge
MABMileage or Travel
MACMileage Fee (For Repair and Return)
MADMinimum Order/Minimum Billing Charge
MAEMonthly Rental
MARMarriage Rule
MCCMachining Charge
Covers tasks procured in addition to outside production requirements set forth in a purchase requisition
MESEscort Service
MFCManifest Charge
MGAMessage Rate Adjustment
Adjustment to account for a message billing error
MGCMessage Charge
Charge for messages incurred thru the use of a service
MILSpecial Mileage Movements
MINMinimum Guarantee
MLBMinimum Bill of Lading Charge
MMCMinimum/Maximum Charge
MMFMill Freight
MMSMarket Development Funds
MMTMetropolitan Transit Tax
MNCNotify Consignee
MRKMarking or Tagging Charge
MSCOther Accessorial Service Charge
MSGMiscellaneous Charge
MTRMeter Charge
MUSMunicipal Surcharge
Surcharge assessed to recover additional expense related to local utility gross revenue
MVTVenting Instructions
NAANon Generated Freight
NABNew Store Allowance
NALNozzle Charge
NCHOrder Notify Charge
NFYCarrier Notification Charge
NHBN.H.D. Wharfage
NSDNew Store Discount
NWDNew Warehouse Discount
NYDNew York Delivery Charge
NYPNew York Pick-up Charge
OAAO.T.O. Charge
OABOverrun Charge
OACOvertime Loading
OCHOcean Charges -- Hazardous
ODFCollect on Delivery Deletion Charge
ONCOn Carriage
OOCOption Charge (Color Fabric Office Furniture)
OPCOptional Charge
ORCOperator Credit
Adjustment billed amount for operator issued credits
ORMOut of Route Miles
OSOOptional Software Support for Operational Support Systems
OSSOptional Software Support for Switching Systems
OUTOut of Zone Pick-up or Delivery
OVROver Dimension
PAAPercent of Product
PABPostage Charge
PACPump Air Charge
PADPremium Charge
PAEPremium Transportation
PAFPrice Deviation
PAGProfessional Fees
PAHPromotional Allowance
PAIPromotional Discount
PAJPump Charge
PAKPreparation and Delivery
PBAPrior billing amount
PBEPermits Bonds Escort Attendant
PBLPier Charges Other Than Wharfage
PCHProtective Service Charge
PCTCity Pick-up
PDBPrior Delivery Of Bill Charge
PDCPreloading Charge
PECPallet Exchange Charge
PENPenalty Charge
PERPermit Charge
PFAPower Factor Adjustment
PIRPier Pick-up and/or Delivery
PLCInsurance Placement Cost Charge
PMCPrior Month Credit
Adjustment to WATS billing for the amount of WATS charges billed in the prior period. This is issued when delayed usage has been received and the previous months billing has been recalculated using the complete usage information
PMUNormal Pump Charge
PMXSpecial Pump Charge
PODProof of Delivery
POSPositioning at Origin
PPCPer Pound Charge
PPHPer Item Charge
PPIPick/Up Allowance
PPMPrecious Metal Content
PPNPallet Charge
PPOPer Order Charge
PPRPerformance Award
PPSPlacement and/or Removal Charge
PPTParish/County Sales Tax (only)
PPUPrepaid Usage Allowance
Adjustment to billed amount of Optional Calling Plan charges to credit account for Prepaid usage. This credit will not create a negative billed amount
PRBPrior Balance
PREPre-carriage Excess
PRLPrelodge Charge
PRMPremise Use
PSCProtective Service - Cold
PSHProtective Service - Heat
PTCTobacco Products Report Charge
PUCPick-up Charge
PUDPick-up and Delivery
PWHPier Charges - Wharfage
PWTPallet Allowance
QAAQuantity Surcharge
QQDQuantity Discount
RABReclamation, Federal
RACReclamation, State
RADRecovery Allowance
RAERedistribution Allowance
RAFRental Deduction
RAGRepack Charge
RAIResellers Discount
RAJRestocking Charge
RALRoll Rebate
RCANo Return Credit Allowance
RCBRepair at buyers expense charge
RCCReconsignment Charge
RCDReconsign Consignee Charge
RCERepair at customer expense charge
RCGRepair at government expense charge
RCPRecoopering (at Owner's or Shipper's Expense)
RCSReconnect charge
RDCReconsign Delivery Charge
RDFResearch & development fee
RECReturn Cargo Charge
REERegulatory Fee
Surcharge levied to fund a state regulatory commission
REGRegulatory tax
REPResidential Pick-up
REQRequest Via Canada
RESResidential Delivery
RETReturned Load
Amount of refund awarded to the customer due to a regulatory committee action
RGARegain Allowance
RGCRegain Charge
RHMRecurring Hardware Maintenance Charge
A periodic fee charged by a manufacturer to pay for maintenance on computer hardware as covered in a maintenance contract
RIDRiding Attendant Charge
RLCRents and Leases
RLQRelinquishment Charge
RMBRocky Mountain Bureau 583 Item 1100 Arbitrary Charge
RMDRefrigeration/Mechanical Detention
ROCRoll Out Adjustment
RPCReduction Prepalletized Cargo
RRCReel Cable
RRDReel Deposit
RRFRefurbishing Charge
RRNRental Charge
RRPRepair Charge
RRRRegulatory required refund
RSMRecurring Software Maintenance Charge
A periodic fee charged by a manufacturer to pay for maintenance on computer software as covered in a maintenance contract
RTCRate Code
SAASubject to Cooperative Advertising Allowance
SABShipping and Handling
SACService Charge (with Cash Discount)
SADScrap Allowance
SAEShrink-Wrap Charge
SAFSpecial Credit
SAGState Motor Fuel
SAHStenciling Charge
SAISuper Fund Excise Tax
SAJSurcharge (Dollar Value)
SAKSurcharge (Percentage)
SANState Sales Charge
SAPService Assistance Program Surcharge
SATSaturday Pick-up or Delivery Charge
SBCStandby Charge
SCCSpecial Seal Charge
SCGSmall Order Charge
SCLScale Charge
SCUScale Charge Unloading
SDCSpecial Detention Charge
SDLSplit Delivery
SECSpecial Equipment Charge
SEGSegregating (Sorting)
SELSelf Unloader
SERService Charge
SFTSpecial Train Movement
SGLSingle Pick-up
SHLShipper Load
SHSState Hazardous Substance Tax
A tax that is paid by the first party to own a hazardous substance within the state
SLCStreet lamps charge
SMSState/Metropolitan Transit Authority Surcharge
Surcharge to offset the cost of mass commuter transportation
SOCStop-off Charge
SOPStop-off at Pier Charge
SPASpecial Allowance
SPBSpecial Buy
SPCSpecial Permits
SPDSpreader Charge
SPLSpool Charge
SPPSplit Pick-Up at Pier Charge
SPSSpecial Freight Supplements
SPTSpotting of Trailer
SPUSplit Pick-up
SSBSuper Bag Charge
SSCStripping, Sorting, and Consolidation
SSFSingle Shipment Fee
SSLSelect Charge
SSOPole, Wood-service Charge
SSPShipside Pickup
SSSSoftware Support Service
SSTSales Tax (State and Local)
SSXSales and Use Tax
STCState Surcharge
Surcharge to provide funds to the state, (specific use of funds not available to TBWG at this time)
STFContainer Stuffing
STMSteaming Charge
STPStopping in Transit
STRStorage in Transit
STWSpecial tooling rework charge
SUCSpecial Use
SUFSufferance Warehouse Charge (Export or Import)
SUPSupervisor Charge
SVASingle Invoice Allowance
SWCSwitching Charge
TAATelephone Charge
TABTank Rental
TACTemporary Allowance
TADTax on Transportation
TAETemporary Voluntary Allowance
TAFTerminal Differential
TAGTesting Charge
TAHTool Charge
TAITesting Allowance
TAJTrade In
TAKTransportation and Setup
TALTruckload Discount
TAXTax Charge
TAYGovernmental Tax
TCBTelegram Chargeback
Adjustment for telegram charges billed on behalf of Western Union
TCMTransportation Charge (Minimum Rate)
TDTTruck Detention
TERTerminal Charge
TLCTrimming Charge
TOATotal Assessorial Charges
TOCTOFC Service Charge
TPCThroughput Container Charge
TRCTrailer Rental Charge
TRFTransfer Charge
TRPProcess in Transit Privilege
TRSTransferred Charges
Adjustment for delayed charges or payments to an account number no longer in service
TRUThruway Charge
TSCTesting Services Charge
TSTTrack Storage
TTATank Car Allowance
TTBTransportation-Direct Billing
TTDTrade Discount
TTLLocal Tax
TTMTax on Miscellaneous Charges
TTPThird Party Allowance
TTRThroughput Allowance
TTSState Tax
TTTTransportation - Third Party Billing
TTVTransportation - Vendor Provided
TURTurning Charge
TWOTwo Door Pick Up
UNLUnloading (Labor Charges)
UPDUsage Plan Detail Charge
Charges for providing additional usage details associated with a measured usage or Optional Calling Plan
URCUnloading/Reloading Charge
USFUse - Special Type Flat Car
USVU.S. Vehicles
USWUnabsorbed Switching
UTPUse charge tooling/personnel
UUCUp Charge
UUMUnsalable Merchandise Allowance
UUTUse Tax
VAAVendor Freight
VABVolume Discount
VCRVoluntary contribution charge
VITVirgin Island Transfer Charge
VORVehicle Ordered but Not Used
VVLVehicle Load Allowance
VVPVehicle Prep Charge (courtesy delivery)
WARWar Risk Surcharge
WATWide Area Telephone Service (WATS) Usage Credit
Credit given to eligible WATS usage having chargeable hours exceeding a minimum quantity
WEAWeather Protection
WFHWharfage & Handling
WHCWarehouse Charge
WRCLoad Weighing Charge
WREEmpty Weighing Charge
WSAWarehouse Allowance
WTGWaiting Time
WTVWeight Verification Charge
WWCWharfage Charge
ZFFFirst Flight Out

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