236 Price Identifier Code

Code identifying pricing specification.

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
AGCAverage Generic Product Price
A national average unit price of all generic substitutes for a name brand pharmaceutical
ALTAlternate Price
AWPAverage Wholesale Price
CATCatalog Price
CDVCurrent Domestic Value
CHGChanged Price
CONContract Price
CUPConfirmed Unit Price
CUSDeclared Customs Unit Value
DAPDealer Adjusted Price
DISDistributor's Price
DPRDiscount Price
DSCDiscount Amount Allowed
DSPDirect Ship Program Price
EDMEmergency Direct Ship Price (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
EDPEmergency Direct Ship Price
EDSEmergency Direct Ship Price (Supplier)
EDWEmergency Direct Ship Price (Warehouse)
ESTEstimated Price
EUPExpected Unit Price
FETFederal Excise Tax
FGPFree Goods Price
FULFederal Upper Limit Price (Maximum Allowable Cost Pricing for Drugs)
The maximum allowable unit price for Medicaid reimbursement for a pharmaceutical product
FUPFirm Price - Do Not Advise
GOVGovernment Price
ICLUnit Price Through Quantity
INDIndustrial Price
INSInstitutional Price
INVInvoice Billing Price
LPRList Price
MAPMandatory to Advise Unit Price
MAXMaximum Order Quantity Price
MINMinimum Order Quantity Price
MNRMinimum Release Quantity Price
MSRManufacturer's Suggested Retail
MXRMaximum Release Quantity Price
NETNet Item Price
OAPOptional to Advise Unit Price
OPPOriginal Purchase Order Price
PAQPrice Break Quantity(s)
PBQUnit Price Beginning Quantity
PIEPrice in Effect at Time of Shipment
PPDPrepaid Freight Charges
PRFProfessional Price
PROProducer's Price
PRPPromotional price
QTEQuote Price
SDPSuggested Dealer Net Price
SFPSuggested Fleet Price
SHDShip and Debit
SLPSuggested List Price
SPCSpecial Price
SUMSum of Line Items
SWPSuggested Wholesale Price
TOTTotal Invoice Amount Due
UCPUnit cost price

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