368 Shipment/Order Status Code

Code indicating the status of an order or shipment or the disposition of any difference between the quantity ordered and the quantity shipped for a line item or transaction.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
ABAvailable to Ship - Billed Quantity
ANAvailable Now - No Shipping Schedule
ASAvailable Now - Scheduled to Ship (date)
AUAvailable to Ship - Unbilled Quantity
BKBack Ordered from Previous Order
BPShipment Partial, Back Order to Ship on (Date)
BTBilled total
BWBilled week-to-date
CACustomer Inquiry - All Items
CCShipment Complete on (Date)
CEShipment Includes Extra Items to Meet Price Break
CICustomer Inquiry - Shipped Items Only
CKCancelled from Previous Order
CMShipment Complete with Additional Quantity
CNNext Carrier Move on (Date)
COCustomer Inquiry - Unshipped Items Only
CPPartial Shipment on (Date), Considered No Backorder
CSShipment Complete with Substitution
DDDelivered to Destination on (Date)
DEDeleted Order
DODiverted Order
DSOut Of Stock Condition
ECEquipment Capacity
EDExpect to Ship By (Date)
EWExpect To Ship Week of (Date)
FSUnits Not Shipped By Agent - To Be Shipped From Factory.
HQHeld Awaiting Qualification
ICItem Canceled
INIn Process
IPInquiry by Purchase Order
ISItem Represents Substitution from Original Order
LMShipment late
LSLast Shipment on (Date)
LWNumber of Late Weeks
NFNot Yet Published
NNNot in Process - No Shipping Schedule
NSNot In Process, Scheduled to Ship on (Date)
NYNo Shipping Schedule
OBOut of Bill & Hold Goods
OFOrder Sent to Factory for Production on (Date)
OPOut of Print
ORTemporarily Out of Stock - Reorder
PAPurchase Order Inquiry - All Items
PDPurhcase Order Complete
PHProduct On Hold
PIPurchase Order Inquiry - Shipped Items Only
PKPacked-to-Date as of (Date)
PNIn Process - No Shipping Schedule
POPurchase Order Inquiry - Unshipped Items Only
PPPurchase Order Inquiry - Specific Items
PRPartial Shipment
PSIn Process, Scheduled to Ship On (Date)
QNQuantity Net Due
QPQuantity Past Due
RDRevised Expect to Ship By (Date)
RTReceived Total
RWRevised Expect to Ship Week of (Date)
SBSeconds Available to Ship - Billed Quantity
SDShipped Damaged
SHShipped (Date)
SIShipment Late, Scheduled to Ship on (Date)
SLShipped - to - Date through (Date)
SPScheduled for Production at Factory on (Date)
SQScheduled to ship (Summary quantity)
SSSplit Shipment
SUSeconds Available to Ship - Unbilled Quantity
UBUnbilled Quantity Balance
URUnsolicited Report
WSItem Invoiced - Shipment to Follow
ZZMutually Defined

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