522 Amount Qualifier Code

Code to qualify amount

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
1Line Item Total
2Batch Total
3Deposit Total
4Lock Box Total
5Total Invoice Amount
6Amount Subject to Total Monetary Discount
7Discount Amount Due
8Total Monetary Discount Amount
9Total Operational Statement Amount
10Shipment Value in U.S. Dollars
11Liabilities at Bankruptcy
12Account Average Balance Account
13Outstanding Balance at Foreclosure
14Legal Obligation Debt Amount
15Estimated Closing Cost Amount
16Discount Fees Paid by Borrower Amount
17Closing Costs or Concessions Paid by Seller
18Prepaid Items Amount
19Federal Housing Administration, Mortgage Insurance Premium Funding Fee Financed Amount
20Federal Housing Administration, Mortage Insurance Premium or Veteran's Administration Funding Fee Amount
21Original Cost of Property Amount
22Owner's Estimate of Value Amount
23Appraised Value Amount
24Gross Monthly Income Amount
25Assets at Bankruptcy
91Site Value Amount
AAdjusted Chargeback Claim Amount
A1Average Negative Ledger Balance
Aggregate amount of overdrafts divided by number of days overdrawn in analysis period
A2Average Positive Collected Balance
Aggregate amount of positive daily collected balances divided by number of days in analysis period that collected balances were positive
A3Average Negative Collected Balance
Aggregate amount of negative daily collected balances divided by number of days in analysis period that collected balances were negative
A4Average Positive Ledger Balance
Aggregate amount of positive daily ledger balances divided by number of days in analysis period that ledger balances were positive
ABAdjusted Collected Balance
ACAverage Collected Balance
ADAdjusted Total
AFAverage Float
ALAverage Ledger Balance
AMAmount Financed
APAmount Prior to Fractionalization
Full charge amount for the service per service period, prior to pro-rated fractionalization due to partial period billing
BCBilling Cycle Net Fee Position (Excess/Deficit)
BTBank Reject Total
CBCollected Balance Required
CCChargeback Claim Amount
CHChange Amount
EAEarnings Allowance
EBCollected Balance (Excess/Deficit)
ECAllowance (Excess/Deficit)
FMFair Market Value
FOFees Paid
FPFees Paid Year to Date
IBInvestable Balance
LCLessor's Cost
LILine Item Unit Price
LPList Price
MAMaximum Amount
NANet Adjustment
NBNet Compensation Position
NCNegative Collected Balance
NFMonthly Net Fee Position (Excess/Deficit)
NLNegative Ledger Balance
NPNet to Pay Total
NSNet Savings Amount
Amount of dollar saving resulting from the use of service, such as Optional Calling Plans
NYNet Year to Date (Excess/Deficit)
OPOriginal Payment Total
PAPayment Cancellation Total
PBBilled Amount
Total amount due on the period bill
PCPositive Collected Balance
PLPositive Ledger Balance
QNQuarterly Net Fee Position (Excess/Deficit)
RRReserve Requirement Amount
Funds required to be put aside and excluded from earnings on balances; nominally 12%; expressed in dollars
SSubmitted Chargeback Claim Amount
SCTotal Service Charge
SEService Charges Which Cannot Be Compensated by Balances
Specifically excluded from compensating balance arrangements and must be paid by other means such as fee remittance or direct debt
TATotal Annual Sales
TBTotal Annual Sales to Customer
TPTotal payment amount
TTTotal Transaction Amount

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