548 Decline/Amend Reason Code

Code indicating the reason for declination or amendment.

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
AOGDeclined - Loss or Damage Due to Act of God - See Correspondence
CACAmend - Correction to Amount Claimed - Keying or Transmission Error
CCDDeclined - Carrier Disagrees with Consignee Damages Noted - Documentation to Follow
CDCAmend - Compromise Offered on Concealed Damage
CDIDeclined - Carriers Not Given an opportunity to Inspect Claimed Damages
CFODeclined - Claim for Other than Loss, Damage or Delay to Shipment - See Correspondence
CFTDeclined - Claim Not Filed within Time Limits of Contract of Carriage
CIBAmend - Claim on Incorrect Basis - Sales Loss vs Market Decline, or Retail vs Invoice
CICAmend - Correction to Initial Claim Filed for Preliminary Estimate
CNGAmend - Destination Inspection Reveals Contributory Negligence - Compromise Settlement Offered
CNLAmend - Destination Inspection Reveals Not Carrier Liability - Salvage Proceeds Offered in Settlement
CSDDeclined - Claim Supporting Documentation Required by Carrier
CSOAmend - Compromise Settlement Offered for Other Reasons - See Correspondence
CSRAmend - Clear Seal Record on Shortage Portion of Claim
CTAAmend - Coal Tolerance Allowance Deducted
DAMAmend - Damaged Merchandise Not Refused to Carrier Salvage Allownace Deducted
DDODeclined - Delay due to Owner in Releasing or Reconsigning Shipment - See Correspondence
DMNAmend - Part of Claim For Manufacturing Defect or Omission Not Noted During Inspection
DNHDeclined - Did Not Handle Claimed Shipment - See Correspondence
DNIDeclined - Did Not Handle Claimed Shipment - No Correspondence to Follow
DNRAmend - Concealed Damage or Shortage Not Reported to Carrier
DNSDeclined - Claimed Damages Not Segregated for Inspection
DOADeclined - Shipment Involved in a Derailment or Another Carrier's Line
DPSDeclined - No Market Decline on Delayed Perishable Shipments
DSAAmend - Invoice Discounts or Special Allowances Not Deducted
DUPDeclined - Duplicate Claim - See Correspondence
FISDeclined - Claim for Delay Filed on Incorrect Schedule - See Correspondence
GSAAmend - Grain Shrinkage Allowance Deducted
GWLAmend - Settlement on Gross Weight Loss or Other Scale Differences
IAWAmend - Improper Average Weights Used in Determining Loss
ICCAmend - Incorrect Calculation of Claim - See Correspondence
INCDeclined - Claim Filed with Intermediate Carrier
INFDeclined - Request for Delayed Inspection Not Properly Filed
MANAmend - Origin Inspection Reveals Part of Claim Due to Manufacturing Defects or Omissions
MDDDeclined - Claimed Damage is Manufacturing Defect, Not Transportation Damage - See Report
NCADeclined - Non-Compliance with Memorandum of Agreement - See Correspondence
NCRAmend - Destination Insepction Reveals Part of Claim Not Carrier Responsibility
NDIDeclined - Claimed Damage or Shortage Noted During Orgin Inspection - See Report
NFTAmend - Claim Not Filed within Time Limits of Contract of Carriage - Slavage Proceeds Offered in Settlement
NLIDeclined - No Liability Indicated - See Correspondence
NNIDeclined - Claimed Damage or Shortage not Noted During Destination Inspection - See Report
NRCDeclined - Claimed Damage or Shortage not Reported to Carrier
OCCDeclined - No Answer to Outstanding Correspondence from Claimant
OTHDeclined - Declined for Other Reasons - See Correspondence
RACDeclined - Refiled - Amended Claim - No Documentation to Follow
RADDeclined - Amended Claim - Documentation to Follow
RUCDeclined - Refiled - Unamended Claim -No Documentation to Follow
RUDDeclined - Refiled - Unamended Claim - Documentation to Follow
SMADeclined - Salvageable Material Not Available to Carrier
SNADeclined - Compromise Settlement Not Accepted
SRDDeclined - Shipper Responsible for Damage - See Correspondence
SREAmend - Origin Inspection Reveals Shipper Responsibility - Salvage Preceeds Offered in Settlement
VDCDeclined - Vehicle Damage Claimed Does Not Qualify for Deferred Inspection
VDDDeclined - Vehicle Delivered Subject to Inspection - Not Notified of Damage
VDIDeclined - Vehicle Delivered Subject to Inspection - Not Notified within Required Time Period
VDQDeclined - Vehicle Damage Claimed Does Not Qualify as Concealed Damage
VDSDeclined - Damage Severity of Vehicle Undercarriage Does Not Justify Part Replacement
VISDeclined - Nature or Location of Vehicle Interior Damage Not Carrier Liability
VRPDeclined - Vehicle Repair Not Performed as Represented on Claim - Documentation to Follow

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