1005 Hierarchical Structure Code

Code indicating the hierarchical application structure of a transaction set that utilizes the HL segment to define the structure of the transaction set.

Identifier (ID)
Min 4 / Max 4
0001Shipment, Order, Packaging, Item
0002Shipment, Order, Item, Packaging
0003Shipment, Packaging, Order, Item
0010Information Source, Information Receiver, Provider of Service, Subscriber, Dependent
0011Information Receiver, Information Source, Provider of Service, Subscriber, Dependent
0012Information Source, Provider of Service, Subscriber, Dependent
0013Provider of Service, Information Source, Subscriber, Dependent
0014Provider of Service, Information Source, Information Receiver, Subscriber, Dependent
0015Information Receiver, Provider of Service, Subscriber, Dependent
0016Provider of Service, Subscriber, Dependent
0017Subscriber, Dependent
0018Information Receiver, Subscriber, Dependent
0019Information Source, Subscriber, Dependent
0035Address, Shipment, Order
0036Address, Transaction Reference Number, Suffix, Serial Number
The hierarchial structure differentiates between information associated with transaction addressees, reference number, suffix designation of the transaction number, and serial number of material
0056Supergroup, subgroup, member, ancillary facility or department
0057Supergroup, subgroup, member
0058Group, member, ancillary facility or department
0059Group, member
0060Hospital, ancillary facility or department
0061Health Industry Business Communications Council (HIBCC) Health Industry Number (HIN) database, facility record, location record
0062Franchisor, franchisee
0063Franchisee association, franchisee
0064Company, Company
0065Company, Operating Unit
0066Operating Unit, Operating Unit
0067Company, Property
0068Company, Property Property, Property
0069Operating Unit, Property
0070Property, Property
0071Company, Tradename
0072Operating Unit, Tradename
0073Property, Tradename
0074Company, Operating Unit, Operating Unit, Operating Unit
0075Operating Unit, Operating Unit, Operating Unit, Operating Unit
0076Company, Operating Unit, Operating Unit, Property
0077Tradename, Property

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