1069 Individual Relationship Code

Code indicating the relationship between two individuals or entities.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
02Son or Daughter
03Father or Mother
04Grandfather or Grandmother
05Grandson or Granddaughter
06Uncle or Aunt
07Nephew or Niece
09Adopted Child
10Foster Child
11Son-in-law or Daughter-in-law
12Brother-in-law or Sister-in-law
13Mother-in-law or Father-in-law
14Brother or Sister
17Stepson or Stepdaughter
Dependent between the ages of 0 and 19. Age qualifications may vary depending on policy
22Handicapped Dependent
23Sponsored Dependent
Dependents between the ages of 19 and 25 not attending school. Age qualifications may vary depending on policy
24Dependent of a Minor Dependent
A child not legally of age who has been granted adult status
An adult who is given legal responsibility for a child by the court
Dependent between the ages of 19 and 25 attending school. Age qualifications may vary depending on policy
29Significant Other
30Both Parents
The residence or legal custody of the student is with both parents
31Court Appointed Guardian
34Other Adult
36Emancipated Minor
A person who has been judged by a court of competent jurisdiction to be alowed to act in his or her own interest; no adult is legally responsible for this minor; this may be declared as a result of marriage
37Agency Representative
38Collateral Dependent
Relative related by blood or marriage who resides in the home and is dependent on the insured for a major portion of their support
39Organ Donor
Individual receiving medical service in order to donate organs for a transplant
40Cadaver Donor
Deceased individual donating body to be used for research or transplants
41Injured Plaintiff
43Child Where Insured Has No Financial Responsibility
Child is covered by the insured but the insured is not the legal guardian
47State Fund
A state-operated insurance organization that writes insurance policies and manages the insurance pool funds; the fund may be monopolistic or competitive, process claims and benefits or reimburse claim administrators; the fund may be created for a specific purpose, high-risk pool, or second injury fund
50Foster Parent
51Emergency Contact
53Life Partner
ZZMutually Defined

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