426 Adjustment Reason Code

Code indicating reason for credit memo, or adjustment to invoice, credit memo, or payment.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Pricing Error
02Allowance/Charge Error
03Extension Error
04Item Not Accepted - Damaged
05Item Not Accepted - Quality
06Quantity Contested
07Incorrect Product
08Substitute Product
09Terms of Sale Error
10Pallet/Container Charge Error
11Returns - Damage
12Returns - Quality
13Returns - Dating
14Returns - Promotion
15Returns - Recall
16Non-Invoice Related Allowance/Charge
17Required Data Missing
18Not Company Bill
19Duplicate Billing
20Balance Due Declined
21Shipment Method of Payment Incorrect
22Weight Error
23Special Charge Not Authorized
24Incorrect Discount
25Item Not Accepted
26Invoice Cancelled
27Product Transfers Subject to Charge Back
28Rebated Shipments
29Fee Incorrect
30Delivery Charge Incorrect
31Pickup Charge Incorrect
32Oversize Premium Invalid
33Currency Exchange Incorrect
34Declared Value Incorrect
35Commodity Code Incorrect
36Scale No. Incorrect
37Dimensions Incorrect
38Service Incorrect
39Shipper/Consignee Ref. No. Missing
40Address Incorrect
41Item Not Accepted-Delay
42Item Not Accepted - Loss
43Missing Discount
44Required Documents Missing
45Stale Bill Over 180 Days Old
46Transportation Charge Incorrect
47Advanced Charge Incorrect
48Service Charge
49Processing Charge
50Late Charge
51Interest Penalty Charge
52Credit for Previous Overpayment
53Remittance for Previous Underpayment
54Freight Deducted
55Tax Deducted
56Advertising Allowance Taken
57Volume Discount Taken
58Invoice billing received after final billing
59Item not received
60No open item on file
61No open order on file
62Material/Item Description Error
63Customer Paid Invoice Which Was Previously Disputed
64Sale of Property
Sale of the property by the mortgagee within six (6) months after the foreclosure of a property
65Claim Paid on Appraisal
Claim filed within 15 days and 6 months following the foreclosure sale, and paid on the reappraised, foreclosed property
66Disability Insurance or Income
67Age Sixty-five Reduction
68Death Benefit Reduction
69Employer Provided Pension
70Advanced Ship Notice Not Received
71Advertising Allowance
72Authorized Return
73Bill of Lading Not Received
74Cancel or Adjust Prior Credit/Debit Adjustment
75Total Order Not Received
76Cash Discount
77Competitive Allowance
78Competitive Price
79Cooperative Advertising
81Credit as Agreed
82Defective Allowance
83Delivery Charge
84Deviation from Order Date
85Distribution Discount/Allowance
86Duplicate Payment
87Duplicate Shipment
88Duty Charge Variance
89Early Buy Allowance
90Early Payment Allowance
91Engraving Charge
92Entire Shipment Not Ordered
93Field Destroy
94Fixtures Charge
95Floor Stock Protection
96Goods to Follow
97Handling Charge
98Labor Charges
99Late Shipment of Goods
A1Layout/Design Charge
A2Misshipped (Wrong Product Received)
A3New Store Allowance
A4Nonreceipt of Goods
A6Packing Violations
A7Payment on Account
A8Promotional Allowance
A9Proof of Delivery Not Received
AAPrepaid Benefit or Advances
ABPartial Wage Continuation
ACApportionment or Contribution
ADAppeal Reduction
AEUnemployment Compensation
ANAuto No Fault
B1Proof of Shipment Not Received
B3Recovery Allowance
B4Refurbishing Charge
B5Repair of Goods
B6Repay Discount
B7Restocking Charge
B8Routing Violation
B9Samples Not Received
BRBenefit Rate
C1Settlement of Account
C2Special Allowance
C3Special Finish
C4Stock Balance
C5Temporary Allowance
C6Testing Charge
C7Third Party Allowance
C8Ticketing Error
C9Ticketing Service
CAFuneral Expenses Paid to Date
CCPenalties Paid to Date
CDInterest Paid to Date
CEEmployer's Legal Expenses Paid to Date
CFClaimant's Legal Expenses Paid to Date
CGPayments to Physician to Date
CHHospital Costs Paid to Date
CIOther Medical Paid to Date
CJVocational Rehabilitation Evaluation Paid to Date
CKValuation As Of
Valuation as of a specific point in time
CLVocational Rehabilitation Education Paid to Date
CNOther Vocational Rehabilitation Paid to Date
COAdjusted Compensation Rate
CPEmployer Paid Benefits due
D1Transfer Between Accounts
D2Transportation Direct Billing
D3Unauthorized Deduction
D4Unauthorized Product
D5Volume Discount
D6Recovery of Standard Allowances
D7Cost Associated with Reworked Material
D8Count and Recount Allowance
D9Store Stock Price Protection
DBPension or Retirement Plan Disability Benefits
DCCanadian Pension Plan
DDRailroad Disability
DFFamily Social Security
DISocial Security Supplemental Income
DJJones Act (Merchant Seaman Injured on the Job)
DOOther Group Insurance
DPPension or Retirement Benefits
DRSocial Security Retirements
DSSocial Security Disability
DTRailroad Retirement
DVCivil Servants Plan
E2Covered By Debit Memo
E4Warehouse Stock Price Protection
E5Invoice Price Protection
E6Goods and Services Tax 0% Rate, International Documentation Will Follow.
E7Goods and Services Tax Decreased Due to Billing Error
E8Goods and Services Tax Increased Due to Billing Error
E9Order Cancelled
F3Social Security
F5Other Long-term Disability Offset
F6Indirect Offset Excess
Other income defined under the contract which is deducted after the calculation of an employee's net benefit. This figure is then compared against a predefined aggregate percent to derive maximum payable benefit
F7Black Lung Disease
F9Educational Benefit
G1Profit Sharing
G2Workmen's Compensation
Liaibility on employers to pay benefits and furnish care to employees injured and to pay benefits to dependents of employees killed in the course of and because of their employment
G4Other Disability Plan
G5Other Income
G6Salary Continuance
G7Short-term Disability
G8Permanent and Total Disability
A physical or mental condition that makes an insured incapable of performing one or more duties for any occupation
G9State Disability Plan
A unique disability plan defined by state. This plan applies only to specific states
H1Information Forthcoming
Awaiting paper correspondence with associated details
H2Payment Previously Sent
Payee received compensation at a prior time
H3Loan Paid in Full
Mortgage company no longer has interest in property loan is paid-up
H4Bill Insured
Non-escrowed policy, collect premium directly from policyholder
H5Loan Service Released
Mortgage companies, servicing rights to a loan were sold to another company; therefore the mortgage company no longet has an interest in the property
H6Partial Payment Remitted
Total compensation was not sent
H7Payment Forthcoming
Total compensation will sent in the future
H8Bill Mortgagee
The mortgage company is informing the insurance company that they are escrowing for a policy that the insurance company indicated as nonescrow
H9Coverage Summary Needed
The mortgage company is informing the insurance company that coverage information was not provided with the renewal notification
J2Transportation Discrepancy Report (TDR) Submitted
J3Promised Adjustment Not Received
J4Deficiency Report Authorized Adjustment
J5Duplicate Summary Billing (Same Bill Number)
J6Duplicate Summary Billing (Different Bill Number)
J7Duplicate Summary Billing (Second Billing)
J8Unable to Process
J9Noninterfund Bill
K1Other Coverage Placed
An indication that the insured has obtained permanent insurance from a firm other than the one that is currently billing
K2Invalid Policy Number
The lender was not able to identify policy for which a notification was received
K3Renewal Not Received
The lender is informing the insurance company that they have a loan with an expiring policy for which a renewal notification was not received
An itemized charge has been adjusted to this amount due to a pre-audit being performed; that audit identified a variance between the amount authorized by the receiver of that goods/service and the amount charged by the provider of the goods/service
The dollar value of the discount applied which reduces the payment amount due the payee
The dollar value of the penalty assessed a business entity for a past due debt
L4Administrative Fees
The dollar value of the administrative fee assessed a business entity for handling a debt
L5Interest Due
The dollar value of interest assessed a business entity for a past due debt
L6Interest Owed
The dollar value of interest owed a business entity for a past due payment
L7Miscellaneous Deductions
A deduction taken from the amount due a business entity for which not specific reason code exists; this code must be accompanied by a free-form explanation of the deduction
L8Miscellaneous Credits
An amount that increases the payment due a business entity for which no specific reason code exists; this code must be accompanied by a free-form explanation of the credit
L9Military Distribution Adjustment
LPLate Payment
M1Advertising - Unidentified
M2Commissions Deductions
M3Gift Certificates
M4Salary Deduction
PDPaid to Date
PPQuebec Pension Plan
W6Safety Violations
W7Failure to Use Safety Device
W8Intoxication or Drugs
W9Noncooperation: Rehabilitation, Training, Education, Medical
WAActual Reduced Earnings
WBRegular Wage Minus Disability Benefit
WCSubrogation Recovery
WOOverpayment Recovery
WRDeemed Reduced Earnings
WSSpecial Fund Recovery
WTDeductibles Recovery
WUUnspecified Recovery
WWOverpayment Credit
WYFailure to Obey Safety Rules
ZZMutually Defined

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