737 Measurement Reference ID Code

Code identifying the broad category to which a measurement applies

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
9LNinth Layer
AAMeter reading-beginning actual/ending actual
AEMeter reading-beginning actual/ending estimated
AVAverage Reading
BABase Point
BDBilled Dimensions
BLBundle Limitation
BMBase Metal
Original or base product to which coatings are to be applied
BOMeter Reading as Billed
Used when billing charges are based on contractual agreements or pre-established usage and not on actual usage
BPBearing Piece Limitation
BTBatch Limits
Limits set on test results from all product made for one unit or period of production
BZBatten Size
Material or product added to another product (base metal) to enhance its characteristics
CFConversion Factor
CNCore Notch Dimensions
CSCore Size
CVCumulative Test Period
The total period during which a series of tests are conducted
DTDimensional Tolerance
EAMeter reading-beginning estimated/ending actual
EEMeter reading-beginning estimated/ending estimated
ENEnvironmental Conditions
The data values to be reported reflect the environmental conditions surrounding a situation including but not limited to test environments
FDFinished Dimensions
Dimensions of the final or end-use product
FVFiring Values
IRInterpolated Result
A test result value calculated by interpolation between two physical tests
LCLimited Weight/Size Coils
LLLift Limitation
LMLayer of Multiple Layered Product
LTLot Limits
Limits set on test results from all product contained in a single shipment (which may involve any multiple or fraction of transportation carrier units) to one customer
NCNet Change
NXNet Explosive Weight
ODOrdered Dimensions
P1Platform Limitation
PAPallet Dimensions
PCParting Cut (Sawcut)
PDPhysical Dimensions (Product Ordered)
PKPackage Dimensions
PLPackage Limitations
The condition or activity approved by the appropriate regulatory agency
PRProduct Dimension Range Price Bracket
PSProduct Characteristic Specification
PTPretest Period
The nominal period that a tested device is preconditioned
R1Opening Reading
R2Closing Reading
RAReject Amount
RGRegulatory Limit
RLReceiving Facility Limitations
RNLengths Limitation
RORoll Limits
Limits set on test results from one roll of product shipped to a customer
RPRelative Position
The condition or activity submitted for approval by the approriate regulatory agency
RSResponse Time
SDShipped Dimensions
SEProperty Specifications
Indicates that the data to follow are target specifications
SFShelf Life
SHShipping Tolerance
SKSkid Dimensions
SLSkid Limitations
SRSurface Roughness
STSurface Treatment
TDSplice Tape Dimensions
TLTransportation Equipment Limitations
TPTest Period
The nominal period that a test is conducted
TRTest Results
Indicates that the data to follow are the results test measurements
TSSingle Test Limits
Limits set on each measurement of the specified product characteristic or manufacturing process so that any single test whose value falls outside these limits causes the product or process to be declared out-of-specification
WAWaste Amount
ZPLog Zero Point of Reference
The physical location on the well, measured above or below the ground surface, from which the wireline well log measurements, such as the kelly bushing and casing head flange, are adjusted

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