1321 Condition Indicator

Code indicating a condition

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Patient was admitted to a hospital
1APatient is receiving anti-fungal therapy
1BProperty is occupied by owner
1CProperty is occupied by tenant
1DProperty is vacant
1ELocation is urban
1FLocation is suburban
1GLocation is rural
1HBuiltup over 75%
1IBuiltup 25 - 75%
1JBuiltup under 25%
1KGrowth rate is rapid
1LClass I-Left
Normal relationship of the left side of the mouth by correct interdigitation of the upper and lower molars
1MGrowth rate is stable
1NGrowth rate is slow
1OProperty values are increasing
1PProperty values are stable
1QProperty values are declining
1RClass I-Right
Normal relationship of the right side of the mouth by correct interdigitation of the upper and lower molars
1SDemand or supply is in shortage
1TDemand or supply is in balance
1UDemand or supply is over supply
1VMarketing time is under 3 months
1WMarketing time is 3 to 6 months
1XMarketing time is over 6 months
1YPredominant occupancy is the owner
1ZPredominant occupancy is the tenant
02Patient was bed confined before the ambulance service
2APatient is receiving oral anti-fungal therapy
2BPredominant occupancy is vacant (0-5%)
2CPredominant occupancy is vacant (over 5%)
2DDeveloper or builder is in control of the Home Owners Association
2ESite is a corner lot
2FZoning compliance is legal
2GZoning compliance is legal nonconforming (grandfather use)
2HZoning compliance is illegal
2IThere is no zoning
2JHighest and best use as improved is the present use
2KHighest and best use as improved is other use
2LClass II-Left
The lower left first molar is posterior to the upper left first molar
2MProperty is located in a Federal Emergency Management Administration special flood hazard area
2NAppraisal is made ``as is''
2OAppraisal is made subject to the repairs, alterations, inspections, or conditions listed
2PAppraisal is made subject to the completion per plans and specifications
2QProject type is planned unit development (PUD)
2RClass II-Right
The lower right first molar is posterior to the upper right first molar
2SProject type is condominium
2TProperty rights are fee simple
2UProperty rights are leasehold
2VSupervisor appraiser inspected the property per supervisory appraiser's certification
2WProperty was sold within last 12 months
2XAppraiser signed statement of limiting conditions and disclaimer
2YOwnership interest in a property
03Patient was bed confined after the ambulance service
3APatient is receiving topical anti-fungal therapy
3LClass III-Left
The lower left first molar is mesial to the upper left first molar
3RClass III-Right
The lower right first molar is mesial to the upper right first molar
04Patient was moved by stretcher
4AServices are rendered within Hospice-elected period of coverage
05Patient was unconscious or in shock
5ATreatment is rendered related to the terminal illness
5BCertified Aftermarket Parts Association (CAPA) Only
5CCertified Aftermarket Parts Association (CAPA) Preferred
06Patient was transported in an emergency situation
6ATreatment is rendered by a Hospice employed physician
6BUnited States Citizen
6CPermanent Resident Alien
6DBorrower is First Time Homebuyer
07Patient had to be physically restrained
7ATreatment is rendered by a private attending physician
08Patient had visible hemorrhaging
8ATreatment is curative
8BIncome or Assets of Another Used
8CDisclosure of Someone Else's Liabilities Required
8DProperty Improvements ``to be made''
8EProperty Improvements ``have been made''
8GSelf Employed
8HLiability to be Satisfied
8IAre Assets/Liabilities Reported Jointly
09Ambulance service was medically necessary
9ATreatment is Palliative
9BInvoluntary Committal
9CLack of Available Equipment
9DLack of Appropriate Facility within Reasonable Distance to Treat Patient in the Event of Complications
9ESudden Onset of Disorientation
9FSudden Onset of Severe, Incapacitating Pain
9GContinuous Hemorrhage from any Site with Abnormal Lab Values
9HPatient Requires Intensive IV Therapy
9IPatient Requires Volume Expanders
9JPatient Requires Protective Isolation
9KPatient Requires Frequent Monitoring
9LPatient Requires Extended Post-operative Observation
9MForeclosure Proceedings Have Begun
10Patient is ambulatory
11Ambulation is Impaired and Walking Aid is Used for Therapy or Mobility
12Patient is confined to a bed or chair
13Patient is Confined to a Room or an Area Without Bathroom Facilities
14Ambulation is Impaired and Walking Aid is Used for Mobility
15Patient Condition Requires Positioning of the Body or Attachments Which Would Not be Feasible With the Use of an Ordinary Bed
16Patient needs a trapeze bar to sit up due to respiratory condition or change body positions for other medical reasons
17Patient's Ability to Breathe is Severely Impaired
18Patient condition requires frequent and/or immediate changes in body positions
19Patient can operate controls
20Siderails Are to be Attached to a Hospital Bed Owned by the Beneficiary
21Patient owns equipment
22Mattress or Siderails are Being Used with Prescribed Medically Necessary Hospital Bed Owned by the Beneficiary
23Patient Needs Lift to Get In or Out of Bed or to Assist in Transfer from Bed to Wheelchair
24Patient has an orthopedic impairment requiring traction equipment which prevents ambulation during period of use
25Item has been prescribed as part of a planned regimen of treatment in patient home
26Patient is highly susceptible to decubitus ulcers
27Patient or a care-giver has been instructed in use of equipment
28Patient has poor diabetic control
29A 6-7 hour nocturnal study documents 30 episodes of apnea each lasting more than 10 seconds
30Without the equipment, the patient would require surgery
31Patient has had a total knee replacement
32Patient has intractable lymphedema of the extremities
33Patient is in a nursing home
34Patient is conscious
35This Feeding is the Only Form of Nutritional Intake for This Patient
36Patient was administered premix
37Oxygen delivery equipment is stationary
38Certification signed by the physician is on file at the supplier's office
39Patient Has Mobilizing Respiratory Tract Secretions
40Patient or Caregiver is Capable of Using the Equipment Without Technical or Professional Supervision
41Patient or Caregiver is Unable to Propel or Lift a Standard Weight Wheelchair
42Patient Requires Leg Elevation for Edema or Body Alignment
43Patient Weight or Usage Needs Necessitate a Heavy Duty Wheelchair
44Patient Requires Reclining Function of a Wheelchair
45Patient is Unable to Operate a Wheelchair Manually
46Patient or Caregiver Requires Side Transfer into Wheelchair, Commode or Other
47Advertisement Run Condition
48Individual Paid for Last Day Worked
49Full Wages Paid for Date of Injury
50Citation or Ticket Issued
51Individual is Member of Policyholder's Household
52Individual Permitted to Use Vehicle
53Individual Wore Seatbelt
54Child Restraint Device in Vehicle
55Child Restraint Device Used
56Individual Injured
57Individual Transported to Another Location
58Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Purchased New
59Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Is Under Warranty
60Transportation Was To the Nearest Facility
61Employee is Exempt
62Claimant is Covered on the Employer's Long-term Disability Plan
63Employee's Job Responsibilities Changed Due to the Disabling Condition
64Employer Has a Return to Work Policy for Disabled Employees
73Double Protrusion
The projection of both the upper and lower anterior teeth beyond normal limits
74No Crossbite
Refers to the absence of a crossbite
The upper teeth
The lower teeth
81Maxillary Moderate
Average crowding of the upper teeth
82Mandibular Moderate
Average crowding of the lower teeth
83Maxillary Severe
Excessive crowding of the upper teeth
84Mandibular Severe
Excessive crowding of the lower teeth
85Income Has Been Verified
86Person Has Been Interviewed
87Rent Has Been Verified
88Employer Has Been Verified
89Position Has Been Verified
90Inquiry Has Been Verified
91Outstanding Judgments
92Declared Bankruptcy in Past 7 Years
93Foreclosure or Deed in Lieu in Past 7 Years
94Party to Lawsuit
95Obligated on a Loan Foreclosed, Deed in Lieu of Judgment
96Currently Delinquent or in Default
97Obligated to Pay Alimony, Child Support or Maintenance
98Part of Down Payment Borrowed
99Co-maker or Endorser on a Note
A3Suppress Paper Endorsement
A4Do Not Suppress Paper Endorsement
A7Sub-servicer Submitted
A8First Mortgage
A9Second Mortgage
ADAutomatic Drill Time
AEAutomatic Edging Time
ALAmbulation Limitations
AUAutomatic Underside Time
B1Mortgage in Foreclosure
B2Real Estate Owned (REO) Mortgage
B9Property Management Expenses Outstanding
BLBowel Limitations, Bladder Limitations, or both (Incontinence)
BRBedrest BRP (Bathroom Privileges)
C1Advances From Property Management Expenses Outstanding
C4Mortgage has Lender-purchased Mortgage Insurance
C6Credit Enhanced Mortgage
C8Special Servicing Required
CACane Required
CBComplete Bedrest
CRCrutches Required
D1Issue Check Payable to Borrower and Return to Servicer
D2Issue Check Payable to Servicer and Return to Servicer
D3Issue Check Payable to Borrower and Send to Borrower
D4Issue Check Payable to Servicer or Borrower and Return to Servicer
D5Issue Check Payable to Other Payee
DDBorrower Furnished Demographic Data
DYDyspnea with Minimal Exertion
ECEquipment Certified
ELEndurance Limitations
EOEquipment Is Overhauled
EPExercises Prescribed
FAActions has a Significant Environmental Effect
FBApplication Includes Complete System
FCAntenna is Mounted on a Structure with an Existing Antenna
FDNotice of Construction or Alteration has been Filed
FEApplicant Wants to Monitor Frequency
FFApplicant has been Denied Goverment Benefits Due to Use of Drugs
FGApplication is Certified
FHApplication is for other Than a New Station
GDProduct Demonstration in Effect
GMShelf Set to Manufacturer's Standard
GRShelf Set to Retailer's Schematic
HLHearing Limitations
IHIndependent at Home
LBLegally Blind
MBEquipment has Modified Configuration
MCOther Mental Condition
NCItem has Direct Numerical Control
NRNo Restrictions
OLOther Limitation
OROther Restrictions
PSPublication is Included in Sharing
PWPartial Weight Bearing
ROEquipment is Rebuilt
SLSpeech Limitations
TEItem is Special Test Equipment
TRTransfer to Bed, or Chair, or Both
UTUp as Tolerated
WAWalker Required
WOEquipment in Working Order
WRWheelchair Required

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