157 Status Code

Code indicating the status of a shipment

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
1Delivered Short
Freight was delivered missing a piece or pieces of the shipment
2Returned to Carrier's Terminal
Delivery attempted by the carrier; shipment was returned to the carrier's terminal
3Returned to Shipper
Shipment was returned to the shipper per the instructions of the consignee
4Delivered Damaged
Shipment was delivered with damage noted by carrier or consignee
Shipment has arrived at the location specified
A1Agriculture Canada Hold
A2Agriculture Canada Released
A3Agriculture Canada Refused Entry
A4Agriculture Canada Conditional Release
AAPick-up Appointment Date and/or Time
The carrier has scheduled a pick-up appointment at the date and/or time indicated
ACAwaiting Clearance
ADDelivery Appointment Scheduled
Delivery appointment has been scheduled with the consignee
AELoaded on Vessel
AFDeparted Pick-up Location
Shipment has been picked up
AGEstimated Delivery
Estimated date of delivery to the consignee or receiver
AHAttempted Delivery
Delivery of the shipment was attempted by the carrier
AIShipment Has Been Reconsigned
Shipment has been reconsigned per the shipper or consignee
AJTendered for Delivery
Shipment has been offered for delivery to the consignee
ALLoaded on Rail
AMLoaded on Truck
ANDelivered to Air Carrier
Shipment was delivered to air freight carrier
AOLoaded on Barge
APLoaded on Feeder Vessel
ARRail Arrival at Destination Intermodal Ramp
AVAvailable for Delivery
Shipment available for delivery
AWAwaiting Export
Shipment in transit
BBad Order (Inoperative or Damaged)
Shipment was on a piece of equipment that failed
BASet Off at Agent
BCStorage - in - Transit
BDRecommitted Delivery Date
Delivery date and time of shipment has been revised necessitated by changes in pickup, transit, or delivery conditions not originally assumed by the carrier
BEEstimated Time of Arrival at Scheduled Pick-up Location
The carrier's estimate of when the shipment will be picked up at the consignor's location
BFBooking Confirmed
BRBill of Lading Released
CEstimated To Depart Terminal Location
C1Canada Customs Hold
C2Canada Customs Inspection Scheduled
CAShipment Cancelled
CBChassis Tie
CCChassis Un-Tie
COCargo Received at Contractual Place of Receipt
CRCarrier Release
CSContainer Sealed
CTCustoms Released
CUCarrier and Customs Release
CVContainer Rehandled
DCompleted Unloading at Delivery Location
Shipment was delivered to the consignee or receiver
DARepair Authorization Requested
DCUnit Cleaned
DNDelivery Not Confirmed
DPUnit Pre-Tripped
DRRepair Authorization Received
DSDamage Survey Requested
DTDamage Survey Completed
EEstimated to Arrive (En Route)
Shipment is estimated to arrive at the location specified
EAEstimate Approved
EEEmpty Equipment Dispatched
Empty equipment dispatched to pick up cargo
EREstimate Received
FIn Flight
FPFreight Paid
FTFree Time Expired
GRepaired and/or Released from Bad Order
GOGeneral Order
HEquipment Shopped for Heavy Repair
Shipment is delayed due to equipment failure
HAHeld - Protective Service
HBHeld - Appointment Delivery
Shipment being held until scheduled delivery date or time
HCHeld - Consignee Closed
Indicates that the shipment is being held by the carrier due to the fact that the consignee or receiver is closed
HDHeld - Refused Shipment
Consignee or receiver has refused the shipment; shipment is still in possession of the carrier
HEHeld-Awaiting Shipper's Export Document
HFHeld-Awaiting Recount/Weight/Description
HGHeld on Ground
HHHeld-No Booking Number
HIHeld-Title Clearance
HRHold Released
Equivalent to Automated Manifest System (AMS) disposition codes 1F, 74, 76, 80, 81 and 82
IBU.S. Customs, In-bond Movement Authorized
Equivalent to Automated Manifest System (AMS) disposition codes 1D, 1J
IRMovement Type Changed from In-bond to Not In-bond
JDelivered to Connecting Line
Shipment has been delivered to an interline carrier
KArrived at Customs
Customs delay; shipment is being processed at the customs location
Shipment is being loaded at a carrier's terminal or facility
MTEmpty Committed
NNo Paperwork Received with Shipment or Equipment
NDTechnical Charges Due
NFFree Time to Expire
NHNo Hazardous Material Document Received
NOOcean Charges Paid
NPTerminal Charges Paid
NRShipment Information Not Received
NSNo Seal on Load
OPaperwork Received- Did Not Receive Shipment or Equipment
OBOriginal Bill of Lading Received
OFOff-Hire Container
OHOn Hand
ONOn-Hire Container
PDeparted Terminal Location
Shipment has left the carrier's terminal or other control point
PAUS Custom Hold, Intensive Examination
PBUS Custom Hold, Insufficient Paperwork
PCUS Custom Hold, Discrepancy in Paperwork
PDUS Custom Hold, Discrepancy in Piece Count
PEUS Custom Hold, Hold by Coast Guard
PFUS Custom Hold, Hold by F.B.I.
PGUS Custom Hold, Hold by Local Law Enforcement
PHUS Custom Hold, Hold by Court Imposed Lien
PIUS Custom Hold, Hold by Food and Drug
PJUS Custom Hold, Hold by Fish and Wildlife
PKUS Custom Hold, Hold by Drug Enforcement
PLUS Dept. Agr, Hold for Intensive Investigation
PMUS Dept. Agr, Hold for Unregistered Producer
PNUS Dept. Agr, Hold for Restricted Commodity
POUS Dept. Agr, Hold for Insect Infestation
PPUS Dept. Agr, Hold for Bacterial Contamination
PQU.S. Customs Hold at Place of Vessel Arrival
U.S. Customs has placed a hold on cargo at the place of arrival
PRU.S. Customs Hold at In-Bond Destination
U.S. Customs has placed a hold on cargo at the in-bond destination
PSU.S. Department of Agriculture Hold at Place of Vessel Arrival
U.S. Department of Agriculture has placed a hold on cargo at the place of arrival
PTU.S. Department of Agriculture Hold at In-Bond Destination
U.S. Department of Agriculture has placed a hold on cargo at the in-bond destination
PUOther U.S. Agency Hold at Place of Vessel Arrival
A government agency other than U.S. Customs or the U.S. Department of Agriculture has placed a hold on cargo at the place of arrival
PVOther U.S. Agency Hold at In-Bond Destination
A government agency other than U.S. Customs or the U.S. Department of Agriculture has placed a hold on cargo at the in-bond destination
PWU.S. Department of Agriculture, Hold for Fumigation
Equivalent to Automated Manifest System (AMS) disposition codes 73, 79
PXU.S. Department of Agriculture, Hold for Inspection or Documentation Review
Equivalent to Automated Manifest System (AMS) disposition codes 72, 78
RReceived from Prior Carrier
Shipment has been received from an interline carrier
RAPickup Appointment Requested
Appointment for pickup has been requested
RBDelivery Appointment Requested
RCReserve Container Against Booking
RDReturn Container
RIMovement Type Changed from Not In-bond to In-bond
RLRail Departure from Origin Intermodal Ramp
SSpotted at Consignee's Location
Shipment in a trailer has been spotted at the consignee or receiver's premises
SAShipment Split
SBShipment Consolidation
SCSeals Altered
SIReceipt of Shipping Instructions
Shipping instructions received
SNShipment Not Authorized
TAt Terminal; Intra-Terminal Movement
TMIntra-Terminal Movement
Shipment being unloaded
UAUnit - Leased to Connecting Line
UBUnit - Returned from Connecting Line
UCUnit - Shopped Held at Terminal
UDUnit - COFC/TOFC Service
UEUnit - Pickup/Delivery Service
UPUnable to Process Shipment
URUnloaded from a Rail Car
UVUnloaded From Vessel
VVessel Rehandle
VAVessel Arrival
Vessel scheduled to arrive or has arrived
VDVessel Departure
Vessel scheduled to depart or has departed
WReleased by Customer
WEWeather Prevented Movement
Shipment has been delayed due to inclement weather
WHWeight Too Heavy - Highway
WRWeight Too Heavy - Rail
XRemoved from Customer Dock or Siding
X1Arrived at Delivery Location
The carrier has arrived at the shipment delivery location
X2Estimated Time of Arrival at Consignee Location
X3Arrived at Pick-up Location
X4Arrived at Terminal Location
X5Arrived at Delivery Location Loading Dock
X6En Route to Delivery Location
X7En Route to Pick-up Location
X8Arrived at Pick-up Location Loading Dock
The carrier has arrived at the loading dock at the pick-up location
X9Delivery Appointment Secured
The date and time that the delivery appointment was made
XAPick-up Appointment Secured
The date and time that the pick-up appointment was made
XBShipment Acknowledged
Shipment has been accepted by the carrier, but awaiting pick-up and/or delivery appointment(s) before dispatching equipment for pick-up
YConstructively Placed
ZActually Placed
ZZMutually Defined

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