344 Unit of Time Period or Interval

Code indicating the time period or interval

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
ADAverage Daily
AMAverage Monthly
AYAverage Year
BDBuyer's Manufacturing Days
Periodic cycling of extreme levels of a variable
CYCalendar Year
DACalendar Days
DWWork Days
ELOption Period at End of Lease
F1Fiscal Year Plus One Year
F2Fiscal Year Plus Two Years
FYFiscal Year
KKMaximum Calendar Days
KLAs Required
LNLease Termination Notification Period
LTLease Term
MSMean Time Between Stops
Measure of the average time interval between an item or product stop; a noncatastrophic event
MTMean Time Between Failure
Measure of the average time interval between an item or product failure; a catastrophic event
NXNext Six Months
PRPreceding Six Months
Q1First Quarter
Q2Second Quarter
Q3Third Quarter
Q4Fourth Quarter
QYQuarter of a Year
SDSeller's Manufacturing Days
WWWork Week

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