363 Note Reference Code

Code identifying the functional area or purpose for which the note applies.

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
ACCAccess Instructions
Instructions or arrangements made with the customer on how to gain access to the customer's premises to work on a service request
ACIAdditional Claim Information
ACNAction Taken
ADDAdditional Information
ALLAll Documents
AOOArea of Operation
APSAppropriation Specifications
Multiformatted data that describes government accounting classification information used to process the payment information for services provided to the Government
BOLBill of Lading Note
BURBureau Remarks
CERCertification Narrative
Any notes associated with the certification involved
CLRSecurity Clearance Instructions
Used to describe the level of security clearance required for individuals viewing information
COMConsumer Comments
CRACredit Report Alerts
CRNCredit Report Notes
CUSCustoms declaration.
DCPGoals, Rehabilitation Potential, or Discharge Plans
DGNDiagnosis Description
Verbal description of the condition involved
DMEDurable Medical Equipment (DME) and Supplies
DODDescription of Damage
ECTEmergency Certification
EMCEmployment Comments
ERNError Notes
EXRExercise Routine
Notes necessary to evaluate medical necessity of portable oxygen system
GENEntire Transaction Set
GPIGeneral Product or Process Information
GSIGeneral Specification Information
IMPProblem Impact
INTGeneral Order Instructions
INVInvoice Instruction
LABLabeling Instructions
LENLender Use
LINLine Item
LOCLocation Description Information
A free-form description of a location, helpful in trying to locate a specific facility
LOILoading Instructions
MFGManufacturing Instructions
NCDNonconformance Specification
NTRNutritional Requirements
ODTOrders for Disciplines and Treatments
ORATest Results Other Than Room Air
Description of the results of oxygen test when given with other than room air
ORIOrder Instructions
OTHOther Instructions
PCSProcess Specification
PDSProduct Specification
PENPenalty Description
PESPartial Pressure of Oxygen (PO2) is 60 millimeters (MM) of Mercury (Hg) or above, or arterial blood oxyen saturation is 90% or above
Description of the result of an oxygen saturation test
PKGPackaging Instructions
PPCPrincipal Procedure Code Description
PRNPublic Record Notes
QUTQuotation Instruction
RHBFunctional Limitations, Reason Homebound, or Both
RLHReasons Patient Leaves Home
RNHTimes and Reasons Patient Not at Home
ROUCircuit Routing Instructions
A customer request for a particular routing sequence for a telecommunications circuit
RPTReport Remarks
RVCRent Verification Comments
SANSettlement Amount Notes
SETUnusual Home, Social Environment, or Both
SFMSafety Measures
SPHSpecial Handling
SPTSupplementary Plan of Treatment
TAFTariff Abbreviation
TCFTariff Commodity Footnotes
TILTariff Index
TLFTariff Rule
TLRTradeline Remarks
TPOThird Party Organization Notes
TRFTariff Rate Footnotes
TRSQuality Information
TSFTariff Section Footnotes
UPIUpdated Information
VECVerification Comments
VNNVariation Notes
WHIWarehouse Instruction
WRPWrapping Instructions
ZZZMutually Defined

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