1196 Breakdown Structure Detail Code

Codes identifying details relating to a reporting breakdown structure tree

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
Direct labor costs
Direct material
03Other Direct Costs (ODC)
Other costs associated with a contract such as freight, travel, postage
Direct subcontract
05Labor and Material
Sum of labor and material items
06Labor Overhead
Indirect costs associated with direct labor
07Material Overhead
Indirect costs associated with direct material
08Other Overhead
Indirect costs associated with other direct costs
09Total Overhead
Total of all indirect costs incurred on a contract
10Total General and Administrative
Total of all general and adminstrative types of indirect costs incurred on a contract
11Engineering Labor
Direct engineering labor
12Engineering Overhead
Indirect costs for engineering effort
13Manufacturing Labor
Direct manufacturing labor
14Manufacturing Overhead
Indirect costs for manufacturing effort
15Interdivisional Work Authorization
Work to be performed within the same company, but at a different division. Coding allows tracking of the costs associated with the other division (because indirect costs may be different, etc.)
16Intercomponent Work Authorization
Coding to identify different work groups who may be doing contract work for a specfic company or division
17Change Document Number
Contract number to track change documents and related tasks or costs associated with contract changes
18Funds Appropriation
Coding to track the source of funds (such as various goverenment agencies)
19Nonrecurring Labor
Labor costs that will only be incurred once
20Nonrecurring Material
Material costs that will only be incurred once
21Nonrecurring Other Direct Costs
Other direct contract costs that will only be incurred once
22Nonrecurring Subcontract
Subcontract costs that will only be incurred once
23Nonrecurring Labor and Material
Sum of labor and material costs that will only be incurred once
24Nonrecurring Engineering Labor
Engineering labor costs that will only be incurred once
25Nonrecurring Manufacturing Labor
Manufacturing labor that will only be incurred once
Costs that will incurr continually over the life of the contract
Costs that will only be incurred once
29Nonrecurring and Total
30Recurring and Total
31Direct Cost or Hours
32Plant-wide Overhead
33General & Administrative
34Cost of Money
35Profit or Fee
36Total Price
37Total Cost Less General & Administrative
38Total Cost Plus General & Administrative
39Other Costs
42Purchased Equipment
43Materials and Purchased Items
44Quality Control Labor
45Other Government Effort
46Commercial Effort
47Total Direct Cost Base
48Indirect Labor
49Employee Benefits
50Payroll Taxes
52Communications and Travel
53Production Related
54Facilities - Building and Land
55Facilities - Furniture and Equipment
57Future Business
59Government Furnished Equipment
Government property provided to a contractor that is of a capital nature, including equipment, machine tools, test equipment, etc., used in manufacturing or providing services in performance of a government contract
60Government Furnished Material
Government property provided to a contractor that is incorporated into or attached to a deliverable end item, or that may be consumed or expended; this includes raw and processed materials, small tools, and supplies that may be consumed in performance of a government contract
61Government Furnished Property
Government property provided to contractors for use in the performance of government contracts such as materials, special tooling, special test equipment, agency-peculiar property, and facilities
64Tooling Design
65Tooling Fabrication
66Quality Control
70Total Salaries and Wages
71Total Salaries and Wages and Employee Benefits
72Total Purchased Equipment
73Travel - Domestic
74Travel - Foreign
75Participant Stipends
76Participant Tuition & Fees
77Participant Travel
78Participant Other
79Participant Total
80Publication Costs
81Consultant Services
82Computer Automated Data Processing (ADP) Services
83Funding From Non-Federal Sources
84Total Direct Costs
85Human Subject Costs
86Animal Costs
87Alternations and Renovations
88Cost Sharing
BYBase Year Costs
CYCurrent Year Costs
FPFixed Price
FRForward Priced
MRManagement Reserve
TCTermination Costs
UBUndistributed Budget
ZZMutually Defined

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